Web Exclusive: Groupe GM relaunches Clarins amenity line

Groupe GM has relaunched its Clarins hotel line, perfumed with Eau Dynamisante. The redesign, according to Groupe GM, better represents its sustainability goals, specifically, its Care About Earth program. We spoke with Guillaume de Beco, general manager, Groupe GM USA, about the relaunch, the company’s sustainability efforts, and, what guests can expect from the line:

What hotels are the Clarins products currently in? Do you have plans to expand to more properties?
As an international player in the hospitality sector for over 50 years, Groupe GM creates, produces and distributes cosmetics and accessories amenities for the hotel industry in more than 80 countries, on all continents. Thanks to this extensive distribution network, Clarins products are available in hotels worldwide, including the U.S. We expect the number of partnering hotels to expand in the coming years.

How does the line represent Groupe GM’s sustainability efforts?
The Clarins amenity line has been redesigned to better reflect Groupe GM’s sustainability goals. Thanks to the eco-designed products and large-size options, the line is now fully in line with Groupe GM’s Care About Earth program, an internal initiative aiming to reduce the impact of the hospitality profession on the environment. The new eco-friendly Eau Dynamisante hotel line features 30 and 60 ml., 100% recycled plastic bottles, including the caps.

The Clarins amenity line introduced Ecofill, a new, larger and refillable packaging solution that will be made available in the coming months. This patent-pending innovation from Groupe GM is the only eco-friendly, refillable and traceable dispenser with changeable sealed pouches. It’s a clean, safe, fast and easy solution with minimal environmental impact. The refillable pouches are made from only 8g of recyclable plastic for 400 ml. and can be easily changed. The Ecofill is not the only large format. The line also includes the Ecopump, a 300 ml dispenser made of 100% recycled plastic and bio-resin pumps.

Why is Clarins a good fit for Groupe GM? What makes the partnership successful?
We are delighted to be revamping this popular line with our partner Clarins as it is fully aligned with the standards and beliefs held by both our companies. Groupe GM is dedicated to innovation, quality and sustainability and both companies share an important commitment to the environment. This collection of amenities is consistent with our Care About Earth program and we believe that it is ideally suited to client and guests’ needs.

What’s available to hotel guests in the line?
The Clarins line consists of an invigorating shower gel enriched with ginseng, a rejuvenating body lotion enriched with hazelnut oil, a refreshing shine shampoo enhanced with ginseng and an invigorating shine hair conditioner infused with shea butter. All are available in 30 and 60 ml. sizes.

The line also features a hand gel and a gentle foaming cleanser enhanced with cottonseed. Both are available in larger eco-responsible formats such as the Ecopump. This 300 ml. dispenser is made of 100% recycled plastic and bio-resin pumps.

Enriched shea butter cream soaps complete the Clarins line. The soaps are certified by the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and packaged in the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) white and red cardboard boxes.

All products within the reimagined Clarins line feature the signature Eau Dynamisante scent. Eau Dynamisante perfectly symbolizes the brand’s expertise when it comes to the art of using the aromatic and sensorial powers of essential oil. Iconic, invigorating treatment fragrance, Eau Dynamisante combines the aroma and skincare benefits of concentrated plant extracts to hydrate, revitalize and perfume skin. Formulated with aromatic essential oils of citrus fruit, patchouli, bitter orange, rosemary and white thyme, this invigorating fragrance promotes a feeling of freshness, vitality and well-being. It’s exhilarating scent which is subtle yet lingering helps to revitalize, lift the spirits and energize consumers.

Why do these products work so well in hotels, specifically?
Our raison d’être is in offering amenities that reflect the brand image and that are perfectly suited to the needs of the guests. Both brands and hotels trust in our products and their quality. We aim to always propose new innovative solutions and strictly monitor our manufacturing and can guarantee the availability and continuity of products worldwide.

Can you detail the Care About Earth program?
Launched in 2018, the Care About Earth initiative aims to strengthen Groupe GM’s environmental and social actions.

Through the Care About Earth program, we are committed to developing sustainable products and reducing our impact on the environment so that we can contribute to protecting the earth for generations to come. Our priorities include eliminating single-use plastics and materials based on fossil fuels whenever possible and always prioritizing responsible and sustainable alternatives.

We have launched several sustainable initiatives that are helping us to become as environmentally friendly and aware as we can be without compromising the quality of our products.

How do the lines honor that program?
With our Care About Earth program, we have made the decision to strengthen our commitment towards eco-responsibility by deciding that our packaging will contain zero plastic from virgin fossil resources in the near future. Bio-based and recycled materials are playing a crucial role in helping us achieve our sustainability goals without any compromise on quality.

Today, over 85% of Groupe GM’s product packaging is made from recycled plastics or bio-based packaging. The Group offers plant-based tubes, bottles and completely sealed large format dispensers up to 500 ml. (16.90 fl. oz.) that can’t be tampered with.

The material is made from sugarcane residue known as “bagasse.” The sugarcane used is sourced from sustainably-managed farms and responsible suppliers. Groupe GM only uses the residue from the industrial process after a minimum of three extraction cycles. This ensures that the production is not harmful to the wider ecosystem of the manufacturing area. The accessory lines from Groupe GM also use other bio-sourced materials manufactured from straw, corn starch or bamboo to limit the use of fossil-based plastics.

The launch of a solid product amenity line without any plastic use underlines Groupe GM’s desire to create a more sustainable world. This range requires nine times less water for its production than conventional liquid formulations. The packaging is made from FSC-certified cardboard, covered with a water-resistant varnish.

Groupe GM is also working on a new, plastic-free accessory line. The line aims to limit secondary packaging and eliminate the use of fossil-based plastics.

Finally, Care About Earth is not just about improving product design and packaging. It also focuses on the formulas. Groupe GM formulas contain up to 99% of ingredients of natural origin and can also be COSMOS organic certified by COSMECERT according to COSMOS standards. They can be vegan and gluten-free certified by BIORIUS. All formulas are tested under dermatological control and are GMO-free.