Venus Guide: How to choose the right pool towels for your hotel

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With warmer months approaching, now is the perfect time to assess your pool towel needs. Below, we’ll explore four factors to consider as you choose which pool towels to purchase for your hotel or resort.

1. Weight & feel
Pool towels, like bath towels, come in different weights. For example, 11 lbs. or 15 lbs. That number tells you how much one dozen of those towels weigh. So 12 lbs. means each towel weighs 1 pound. Not only does this help with analyzing shipping costs, but it also gives you insight into the towel’s plushness and thickness. The heavier the weight, the thicker and more plush the towel.

A good sweet spot for luxury towels is between 15 to 20 lbs./dz. Towels in this range–like our Oceania Yellow Stripe Beach Towel–are plush, cozy and suitable for high-end hotels and resorts. Economy towels range from 9 to 12 lbs./dz. Towels in this range will still get the job done, but they are significantly thinner.

2. Absorbency
Good absorbency is a must! After all, you don’t want sopping wet guests parading around your hotel after a swim. To avoid that, go with 100% cotton pool towels. Cotton is not only naturally absorbent and soft, but it also dries quickly. Your guests can continue using the same towel throughout the day. When comparing cotton options, know that towels with longer, denser loops will offer more absorbency than towels with a lot of twisting.

3. Durability
The more durable the towel, the longer it will last, thus saving you money. In general, towels with a heavier weight are more durable. Towels made with two-ply yarn also offer more durability than those made with 1-ply yarn.

4. Size
Think about your property and your guests when evaluating pool towel size. Here are the typical sizes you’ll find:

  • Small towels: 30” x 60”
  • Large towels: 35” x 70”

If you want to create a luxurious atmosphere in your hotel, go with large pool towels. Large towels offer more versatility. Guests can wrap them around their waist, lay them over a lounge chair in lieu of a lounge chair cover and use them to dry off after a swim. Just know that large towels cost more upfront. Upkeep costs more, too, since they take longer to dry and take up more storage space.

Small pool towels–like our Cabana Stripe Beach Towel–are more economical. They often cost less upfront, take less time to dry and require less storage space. They’re great for family-friendly hotels, hotels with waterparks, and family or budget resorts.

Trust Venus with your pool towel needs
Offering striped, solid, lightweight and luxury-weight pool towels, Venus Group has what you’re looking for. Every item in our pool collection is made from 100% cotton for ultimate absorbency and durability. Speak to a textile expert today by calling 800.421.6599, or emailing [email protected].