Trivago: Maryland’s Ocean City is Top U.S. Summer Destination & Other Trends

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY—Trivago data shows that visitors from the U.K. account for the biggest group of international travelers coming to the U.S. this summer. Additionally, Ocean City, MD, crowns the list of the top summer destinations, and visitors from Brazil and Argentina search for the longest stays—seven days on average.

Based on search volume, 74% of international searches for destinations in the U.S. come from 10 countries. Travelers from the U.K. make up the biggest group, followed by visitors from Canada, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Italy, Argentina, the Netherlands, France and Japan.

This summer, New York is the most searched destination among travelers heading to the U.S., whereas Ocean City is the number one top summer destination, based on its share of visitors in summer compared to other seasons. Other top summer destinations include Virginia Beach, VA, and Destin, FL, in the second and third positions, respectively.

Search behavior of travelers to the U.S. shows that the average searched price of the top summer destinations reaches $220. While travelers pay an average of $271 for a night in Seattle, the average clicked price in Branson, MO, is just $132.

Lenka Trckova, industry manager for English-speaking markets, added, “When we look at visitors to the most popular summer destinations, travelers taking long-haul flights from Australia and Japan are the biggest spenders, with an average clicked price per night of $287 and $310, respectively. Also, our data reveals that travelers stay between four to five nights on average and travelers from Brazil and Argentina take the longest escapes, staying seven nights on average.”