Tired of manually counting linen inventory? There’s a better way

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Hoteliers are enjoying the benefits of SMARTLINEN®, the tech-hospitality company that is manufacturing high-quality hotel linen with embedded washable RFID (radio frequency identification) devices. The company’s model is simple: replace your current purchases with SMARTLINEN® products and receive the tracking infrastructure at NO COST.

Feedback from current SMARTLINEN® partners show that the automated inventory is invaluable to their operations, as is the 24-hour inventory monitoring. Managers know when and how many of their linen items are being sent to the laundry, and when and how many of them return. Hotels will purchase less by gaining efficiencies, which will extend the life of their inventory and create savings.

With SMARTLINEN®, hotels can:

  •  Account for the total number of items seen over the past 30 days
  •  Effectively track items not seen in over 30 days
  •  Monitor the efficiency of operations
  •  Ensure consistent quality products
  •  Track linen as it is processed through the laundry system

Hotel partners have shared an overwhelming desire for the benefits that they realize from SMARTLINEN®’s linen-tracking and monitoring system’s capabilities. SMARTLINEN® enables hotels to significantly increase efficiencies by streamlining inventory management of sheets, towels, bathrobes and pool towels. Hotels understand that substantially improving linen utilization will increase their capacity to meet guest satisfaction goals and improve their bottom line.

At the present, there is very little industry knowledge of the life cycle of linen: no way to monitor the cost of laundry operations and the effect on the environment, no way to effectively track discarded and unaccountable items, no way to ensure consistent quality products and no effective way to track linen as it is processed through the laundry system.

SMARTLINEN® provides hotels with the ability to make their linen SMART, which enables automated inventory management, greater efficiencies, and improved guest satisfaction. The comprehensive linen tracking solution will save hotels money by providing management with real-time tracking and more efficient purchasing. The system is powered by a cloud-based software platform that automatically reports linen inventory data using UHF radio frequency identification technology.

For more information regarding the innovative RFID-tracking technology and the complete product range, please visit www.smartlinen.net or Booth 2418 at HITEC Orlando (June 27-30).