Three ways to modernize your hotel without disruption

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Innovating hotel technology can be both exciting and intimidating, but there are countless benefits to upleveling your digital experiences. New technology can surprise and delight your guests and create a memorable stay for the whole family.

However, the drawback for many hoteliers is the concern over downtime during deployment. ​

Will it mean rooms being out of commission for installation? Will it mean a rolling impact as technology is implemented one property at a time, and an inconsistent brand experience in the meantime? ​

It doesn’t have to—and these tips can help.

• Look for flexible solutions that work with your existing technology

Technology that works with your existing in-room TVs and wiring can minimize downtime and expense.

• Get ahead of the technology curve

By adopting hospitality technology that’s both customizable and scalable, you can give guests access to the entertainment they want today and prepare for the trends of tomorrow. With the Google Play Store, guests have access to a variety of applications at their fingertips—so your entertainment will never be out of date, and they will never fall behind on their favorite programs.

• Seek trusted, innovative partners

Choose to partner with businesses that have a proven track record in the hospitality space and stay ahead of industry trends. Not only are they attuned to the challenges that hoteliers face, they’re often able to build custom solutions to suit your property’s specific needs.

As a leader in hospitality technology, DISH Business combines the best of live TV, streaming, and casting to deliver exceptional entertainment—so you can surprise and delight your guests with a modern, high-value experience at a price you’ll love.

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