Three ways branded site furnishings can lead to business growth

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Each component of your business tells a story while also creating an enjoyable environment for guests. When it comes to site furnishings for hotels, personalizing trash and recycling receptacles, benches, cigarette receptacles and planters can help improve perceptions and increase trust. Personalized site furnishings can also contribute to business growth, brand awareness and brand preference. Here are three reasons your brand should choose personalized site furnishings for your hotel:

Site furnishings customized to your brand create brand recognition

Every piece of your business—from the doors and windows to trash receptacles and signage—is an opportunity to reinforce your brand logo and message. Remember the rule of seven: a brand message needs to be seen at least seven times before it is fully retained. Every point of contact is another opportunity to strengthen your brand in the eyes of the consumer. And when your brand remains top-of-mind, guests are more likely to become brand loyal, which contributes to business growth.

Set your brand apart from the competition

Differentiating your hotel’s brand from the competition is crucial, especially for customers who have not yet made a brand preference in your industry. Some hotels will choose “off-the-shelf” solutions for site furnishings. Choosing personalized furnishings is a chance to differentiate your business even if you offer a similar experience at a similar price point. Your fixtures are a chance to stand out while impressing guests and showing them that you are willing to invest in small pieces of the hotel experience and your brand.

Show company values & culture

Clean, clearly labeled, easy-to-understand site furnishings like trash and recycling receptacles aid in a positive experience at your hotel. Guests don’t want to litter, but they may if they cannot find a way to dispose of trash responsibly in parking lots, aquatic areas or common spaces. Customers also support brands that support the environment. In fact, 55% are willing to pay more for a product or service that is making a positive environmental impact. This is an opportunity to highlight your business’ commitment to recycling with clear signage.

From the lobby to guestrooms, find the site furnishings your hotel needs to be bold and stand out. Commercial Zone offers a full line of commercial-grade trash and recycling receptacles including personalized products. By choosing receptacles in our EarthCraft Series or DualCoat Series, hotel owners can create custom-branded receptacles. Commercial Zone also offers complete custom creation products designed and tailored just for you and your business. Visit our website or call 800-782-7273 to speak to one of our industry experts today.