The “Pink Palace” Puts Focus on Health and Wellness

ST. PETE BEACH, FL—The Don CeSar here has recently introduced health and wellness programs to attract and cater to the active traveler.

“Aside from being a hotel where locals and travelers alike do everything from sleep to conduct business, we as a team at The Don CeSar also know that hotels are now being looked to for programs that promote self-growth during travel,” said Stephen Sowards, general manager of the 90-year-old property. “As such, knowing the importance of self-care and awareness, we boosted our fitness class offerings and activated retreats to provide interactive events for guests to learn from experts in the industry.”

The 277-room landmark hotel, also known as “The Pink Palace,” has entered into a partnership with Retreats Unlimited to host wellness and mindful weekends featuring fitness classes, dietary discussions and more. “Being a brand that collaborates with experts that provide intelligent, stimulating and progressive conversations and exercises, we felt Retreats Unlimited would be a great partner for this initiative,” said Sowards. “This includes everything from fitness, wellness, yoga, self-improvement and wellness.”

In November, the property is planning another retreat: “Beautiful Money: Holistic Wealth & Detox Retreat with Leanne Jacobs.”

“Jacobs will champion the very holistic wealth revolution where deep healing is at the very foundation of a new era of wealth creation and feminine finance,” said Sowards.

The beginning of March 2019, will see another retreat: “Sugar Strike Challenge with Tosca Reno.” This retreat kick-starts participants on Reno’s 4-week Strike Sugar Program and sugar-free lifestyle by sharing insight on how sugar affects the mind and body.

In addition to the retreats, two new classes have been added to the lineup of Pink Fitness. “The Tabata class offers a high-intensity option for travelers that are always on the go, while the LaBlast class offers an exciting dance workout, including jazzy movements and rhythmic footwork like that of Zumba, from Dancing with the Star’s choreographer Louis Van Amstel,” said Sowards. ”Aside from the fitness classes that were already offered at the property, which includes everything from beach yoga to Zumba, we felt the addition of these two classes would offer guests a well-rounded fitness experience with some fun, high-energy options that you don’t see at every other gym.”