The Crisis Averted Podcast Launched

STONY BROOK, NY—CJ Media Solutions, LLC has launched The Crisis Averted Podcast to educate small business owners on communicating effectively during a crisis.

“Now, more than ever, small business owners need access to crisis communications resources,” said former Hotel Business Senior Editor CJ Arlotta, managing member/founder, CJ Media Solutions, which produces the podcast. “This podcast is simply another tool for them to use when considering how to craft and deliver messaging to stakeholders when in crisis.”

Recent guests include Ngoc Thach, director of public relations, My Place Hotels of America; Lindsey Myers, founder, Concrete Blonde Consulting; Phil Denning, partner, ICR; Andrea Holland, founder, and; Amanda Long, senior account director, Hughes Agency; and Joe Bonilla, managing partner/senior media director, Relentless Awareness.

“Even though it may not always be possible, having a crisis communications plan in place before a crisis hits is the best way to ensure you communicate your messaging effectively to internal and external stakeholders during a crisis,” Arlotta told Hotel Business. “Failing to prepare for crises could be disastrous for a business.”

The Crisis Averted Podcast is available for download on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.