The Content Connection: Elevating the In-Room Entertainment Experience

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NATIONAL REPORT—Content keeps hoteliers up at night, and it’s not because they’re binge-watching the latest Netflix TV show.

Consumers are carrying more content with them when they travel—along with higher expectations of hotel entertainment experiences. In the competitive hospitality industry, delivering a top-quality stay is paramount. So, how can we meet this current (and always changing) need for better entertainment?

Managing the convergence of consumer-carried content with the traditional live TV that hotels offer is a universal challenge for hoteliers. Guests think they only have two options—watch on their personal device or view hotel content on a big-screen television—but innovative technology seamlessly integrates guests’ content with the hotel entertainment experience.

DISH Business has recognized this and worked closely with hoteliers during various technology transitions; we’re committed to working with them at this changeover period, too, by delivering an intuitive, affordable, and easy-to-manage solution that enhances a guest’s in-room viewing experience. We’ve answered this need with our EVOLVE® system, an entertainment solution personalized by guests and powered by their content. The Android TVTM platform with Chromecast built-in is flexible and future-proofed.

With EVOLVE®, seamless casting in a hotel room becomes a reality. Guests log in to any of their accounts and cast from their device to the hotel TV.  Guests feel empowered, which increases their satisfaction and loyalty.

As with any transition though, this requires an investment of time, thought and financial resources, so here are key things to consider.

Define the entertainment experience you want to give guests now and in the future. Know what’s important to your customers, and ask yourself what other integrated and automated services you might add later.

Strive to deliver an entertainment experience that differentiates your property from the competition. Guests bring immense content with them when they travel. While hotels can’t always replicate the home-viewing experience, they can give their valued customers the best way to watch that content, plus live programming, in the comfort of their room.

Evaluate your options before selecting a partner. Work with a company that is innovative, offers relevant and cost-effective enhancements, appropriately licenses software, has staying power, and provides exceptional customer service in the event of a problem. At DISH Business, we’re proud of our proven track record, our ability to bring products to market at a good price, and our success in meeting a property’s long-term needs.

Examine your infrastructure. Is the solution compatible with your existing televisions? The EVOLVE® platform is powered by SMARTBOX®, a next-generation property TV solution. SMARTBOX® consumes 90% less power and 93% less space than previous DISH platforms, and is compatible with any hotel network.

Be mindful of monthly fees. Know the overall charges required of you (beyond costs for programming itself), and see if your technology provider has the scale and buying power to drive down charges. Evaluate monthly fees versus upfront costs to determine the smartest option.

Boost personalization to make an impression. By leveraging PMS integration, hoteliers can personalize the welcome channel and provide other customizations to create unique moments for their customers. This integration also ensures that a guest’s personal log-ins, credentials, and preferences are cleared at checkout.

For today’s travelers, content is everything. By incorporating a cost-effective, cutting-edge, and easy-to-manage solution that elevates the in-room entertainment experience, you’re raising the bar on expectations and driving up guest satisfaction and loyalty. With content smartly managed, you’ll get that restful night sleep you deserve.