The Basis of Health

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NATIONAL REPORT—If there was a drug that had the ability to repair your body tissue, restore your energy, optimize your memories, increase learning and boost your immune system, it would be a best seller. If this same drug was proven to decrease the user’s risk of premature death by as much a 24% it would fly off the shelves. Right?

Sleep is right on the same level of importance to our health as eating healthy foods and getting consistent exercise. From reducing accidents on public roads, to helping our immune systems take on potentially debilitating diseases to improving out health and well-being, sleep is critical. While its importance may have been denied for decades, more and more research points to the essential nature of this evolutionary requirement.

The costs of reduced sleep

From reduction of productivity, to accidents, errors and declining health the projected economic cost of lack of sleep on the US economy is cited as $411 billion*. Yes. That’s right. Billion. What’s more is that a reduced sleep schedule contributes to irritability, depression and general unhappiness. Vacation is supposed to be fun, right?

Here’s how your hotel can help:

­From business travelers to the annual family vacation, guests don’t often look to hotels for the restorative sleep environment that it can provide. To help your guests benefit from proper sleep, follow these simple steps:

  • Mattresses matter. Ensuring that each room features a supportive, comfortable mattress is essential. Whether staying for work or pleasure, waking up refreshed and energized is critical to a positive guest experience.
  • Quality pillows pay dividends. The support provided by the pillow is essential to creating proper spinal alignment. Providing guests with a pillow menu, that includes multiple densities and cooling pillow options can boost both sleep quality and the appreciated quality of the hotel experience.
  • Protect and preserve health. By adding waterproof, breathable mattress and pillow protection to hotel bedding, you will not only increase the comfort and fresh feeling of the bed, but reduce allergens and offer your guests hygienic peace of mind.
  • Through signage, digital communications, ads and even word of mouth, the importance your hotel places on sleep quality will be well understood by your guests.
  • Adopt better sleep from the inside out. By providing your staff with sleep tips and access to quality bedding from your vendors, you’ll not only increase their happiness and productivity, but ensure that the benefits of better sleep are gained throughout your business.

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