Technology Firms Launch New Platforms

NATIONAL REPORT—Technology companies have created solutions using the Internet of Things and AI to help hotels in many different ways. Here are some of the new platforms that have recently launched:

Centegix Enters the Hospitality Industry

Centegix has brought its CrisisAlert incident alert platform to the hotel industry, where it will be installed in more that 675 properties representing 110,000 rooms. The solution utilizes mobile and desktop applications along with a mesh network to provide property-wide protection.

For partner hotels, the platform will protect housekeeping staff by allowing anyone with a CrisisAlert badge to discreetly signal for help. It is unique for its ability to deliver alert location accuracy, total property coverage, immediate notification, ease of installation and simple activation via the badge, according to the company. There is also an option for integration with 911 providers, which delivers a call for help directly to a 911 call center. This feature is critical for supporting housekeeping staff during all hours, whether management is on-property or away.

ProfitSword Unveils ProfitAbility Platform

ProfitSword LLC has launched ProfitAbility, an advanced dashboarding and reporting platform that uses artificial intelligence to autonomously identify and report anomalies within data reflecting business performance. Compatible with ProfitSword’s full suite of data management solutions, ProfitAbility is able to learn from data patterns and provide alerts to staff when performance information appears to go beyond normal ranges. ProfitAbility is also mobile accessible and can provide an array of data display options to meet any preference or need.

Once implemented, ProfitAbility can begin to learn on its own via the continuous refreshing of information retrieved in real time from a hotel’s performance data generating systems. By constantly analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) such as reservations and sales, ProfitAbility can automatically determine if new data received falls within previous norms. If information appears below or above average, the platform will then instantly generate an alert so that any necessary action can be immediately taken, eliminating the need to review reports and saving time as a result. ProfitAbility provides businesses with the ability to create their own dashboards and set their own KPI parameters for alerts so that they can stay informed on any deviations that matter most to the success of their business.

Ideas Adds Revenue Forecasting to Platform

Ideas Revenue Solutions has launched RevPlan, a cloud-based module built to complement its flagship RMS products. It is designed to take the pain out of budgeting and forecasting a hotel’s total business, including F&B outlets, by using automation and scientific forecasting.

Among its capabilities, RevPlan can increase profitability of all revenue streams, from guestrooms to F&B, with scientific forecasting for more precise planning; consolidate hotel data at the enterprise level to drive more strategic decision-making by revenue stream, region or brand; and boost operational efficiencies with automated data collection and intelligence.

D-Edge Hospitality Solutions Adds Hotel CRM

D-Edge Hospitality Solutions is launching Guest Management, a new range of solutions, powered by dailypoint. The new product family features hotel CRM, guest loyalty and guest feedback solutions, all fully integrated with the D-Edge CRS.

Based on AI, automatic learning and patented algorithms, Guest Management captures data from multiple sources (PMS, CRS, WiFi, website, etc.), cleans it (removing duplicates, inconsistencies, etc.)  and re-injects it into a single guest profile.

With centralized and reliable guest data, hoteliers can view and append data such as room preferences, interests, satisfaction, etc.; adjust the marketing pressure by unsubscribing or providing temporary email marketing breaks; fulfill guests’ stored data requests for GDPR compliance; and provide a visual timeline of the guests’ entire interaction with the hotel brand from website visits, email exchanges, on-site interactions, feedback and remarketing efforts.