Tech Heats Up in Hospitality

INTERNATIONAL REPORT—Technology is making headlines in the hospitality industry. New ways of simplifying operations, increasing profitability and enhancing the guest experience are all part of the recent news:

ProfitSword Releases Report on Latest Trends in Data Forecasting and Budgeting Technology

ProfitSword has released a comprehensive report detailing the latest advances in data forecasting and budgeting tools and practices for the hospitality industry. Titled “Building a Path to Profitability and Efficiency in Hospitality’s Age of Mass Data and Analytics,” the ProfitSword report reveals several significant advances since the days of manual spreadsheet data inputting and sharing. With such practices long blamed for the untimely delays in gathering performance data or the constant risk of inaccuracy, hospitality professionals can learn of newer technology that is now capable of seamlessly integrating within an array of disparate property systems to provide up-­to-­date analytics in an instant. The report further details how these cloud-based solutions offer hoteliers instant access to their data from anywhere and automated reporting that can include information from multiple properties, regions or business departments.

The ProfitSword report further details how these cloud-based platforms are being leveraged by hoteliers to ensure maximum efficiency across an array of business planning operations. This includes the streamlining of labor spend and expenditure planning, allowing hoteliers to promptly allocate the correct level of resources based on real-­time events and needs. By analyzing the ability of cloud­-based data management platforms to instantly extract information from sources such as sales, labor management, back off accounting and property management systems, the report further demonstrates how today’s hoteliers can now be fully confident in their ability to anticipate the business environment and exceed expectations.

Omni Hotels and Resorts Partners with Ideas

Omni Hotels and Resorts will roll out both Ideas G3 Revenue Management System (RMS) and Ideas Smart Space, a cloud-based meetings and events strategy application, across its portfolio of 60 distinct luxury hotels and resorts in North America. Omni’s recent growth and market expansion, along with an increased focus on driving group business, led the brand to reevaluate its RMS options. It selected Ideas to provide a comprehensive suite of guestroom revenue management and meeting space strategy solutions:

  • Optimizing nearly two million sq. ft. of event space—The Ideas Smart Space solution will enable Omni’s banquet and catering managers to execute demand-based group pricing, yielding and occupancy tracking.
  • Automated pricing decisions for more than 21,000 guestrooms—With Ideas G3 RMS, Omni’s revenue managers will be empowered to make better informed, data-driven decisions to keep up with the complexity of their room-type offerings, channel distribution and pricing considerations. Omni will utilize a range of advanced, intuitive features in G3 RMS including room- class pricing, market-demand insights and flexible, multi-product optimization.
  • Group business evaluation and profitability—Over the past decade, Omni has focused heavily on new hotel projects in cities like Atlanta; Nashville, TN; Louisville, KY; and Frisco, TX, with centrally located properties adjacent to major stadiums and convention centers. Omni will use the group pricing evaluation tool in G3 RMS to gain greater visibility into group booking impact and business displacement.

New Castle Hotels & Resorts Installs Aptech’s PVNG Enterprise Accounting System for 21 Properties

Aptech Computer Systems revealed New Castle Hotels & Resorts upgraded its back office system to PVNG Enterprise Financial Accounting to centralize processes for 21 properties. Aptech Computer Systems is a provider of business intelligence, budgeting and forecasting and enterprise hotel accounting software systems in the hospitality industry. Aptech’s browser-based PVNG Enterprise Accounting System simplifies accounting operations and safeguards data in the cloud. Its easy to navigate architecture, and functionality expands on Aptech’s Profitvue application used by thousands of hotel accounting professionals. PVNG supports one property or a large multi-brand, multi-property portfolios.

TWA Hotel selects Sabre to Power its Distribution Strategy

Sabre Corporation has a multi-year agreement with the TWA Hotel, the only on-airport hotel at JFK Airport, opening on May 15. Since the 512-room TWA Hotel began accepting guestroom reservations in February, the hotel has been utilizing Sabre Hospitality Solutions’ SynXis Platform, including SynXis Central Reservations (CR), to power its distribution strategy.

SkyTouch and LodgingControls Inc. Collaborate

SkyTouch and LodgingControls Inc. have teamed up to enhance the guest experience and operational efficiency. The integration will allow properties to use the LodgingControls Inc. software and the SkyTouch Hotel Operations Platform together. Users can easily manage front desk duties, housekeeping and maintenance through the Mobile Operating Platform (MOP) based on reservation arrival and departure dates.

InTown Suites Partners with Beekeeper to Reach All Employees

InTown Suites has launched an internal communication platform using Beekeeper. The app was designed to be a culture building tool to mimic today’s social platforms. Employees are encouraged to post content, upload images and even create polls for instant feedback. The platform empowers more than 1,500 employees to communicate effectively in one centralized system.

Intelity Partners with The Howard Hughes Corporation on New Voice Technology Program

Intelity revealed that its voice solution has been successfully utilized during a voice technology pilot program conducted by The Howard Hughes Corporation. Using Intelity’s in-room tablets and unique, customizable voice request skill, the pilot program tested the ability to request services, place orders and request information about the local area, weather, events and more. Using this technology, individuals would also have the ability to control the climate, lights and TV in their guestroom solely by voice.

Ctrip signs China-focused Distribution Agreement with Millennium Hotels and Resorts International Ltd. has signed an agreement with upscale global hoteliers Millennium Hotels and Resorts (MHR) to develop a global distribution strategy promoting MHR properties to Ctrip’s 300 million customers. Through the strategic collaboration agreement, MHR will partner with Ctrip’s membership program, which will certify its properties as “Chinese Friendly Hotels” and enable them to benefit from Ctrip’s influential ranking system. MHR and Ctrip will also work toward customer initiatives such as the launching of a flagship store on Ctrip’s digital platforms, joint marketing campaigns as well as knowledge sharing and cross exposure programs for team members. 

Dormakaba Simplifies Upgrade Process for Magstripe Users 

Dormakaba, provider of the Saflok and Ilco brands of electronic locks, have a simplified migration path for its magstripe users to upgrade to its Saflok and Ilco mobile-enabled RFID electronic door locks and Ambiance Management Software. dormakaba’s line of RFID locks work with its new Ambiance Access Management Software. The application puts operators in full control of property entry and egress areas by specifying time sensitive access permissions.