Tech Firms Collaborate, Form New Partnerships

NATIONAL REPORT—Enhanced operations, marketing and guest satisfaction are all some of the benefits of recent industry partnerships. Here’s a look at some technology collaborations promoting innovation and efficiency:

Sonifi Partners with TraknProtect for Safety, Tracking

Sonifi Solutions has partnered with TraknProtect to offer the company’s real-time location technology to hotels, including employee safety devices, inventory and room tray tracking, and vendor and service contractor monitoring. In addition, TraknProtect will leverage Sonifi’s nationwide service platform to deploy its technology solution. TraknProtect’s solutions utilize Bluetooth beacon technology and a software platform that tracks the location of employee badges, wearable safety devices or tagged items in real time.

TraknProtect Secures Three More Hospitality Partnerships

Through its partnership with Ruckus Networks, TraknProtect’s safety buttons can communicate to the associated cloud service via IoT-enabled Ruckus H510 access points deployed throughout a property. The Ruckus IoT Suite can then manage TracknProtect device on-boarding and security and protocol translation, while acting as a gateway to the TraknProtect cloud application and dashboard.

Obtaining accurate intelligence about the nature of any threat has become integral to ensuring hotel safety, and as a result, TraknProtect is partnering with Virtual Management Presence, a cloud-based surveillance company that provides a methodology for preventing injuries, threats to personal security and damages, or potential losses before they occur.

TraknProtect is also partnering with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, to harness the benefits of a converged solution. By leveraging Aruba’s IoT Wireless infrastructure, hotel customers can realize the benefits of easier installations, simplified management and support and reduced capital expenses.

SkyTouch Technology Integrates with Revinate for Marketing Needs

SkyTouch Technology has integrated with Revinate, an email marketing and CRM platform. The connection empowers properties to associate the SkyTouch Property Management System data within Revinate Marketing to combine guest profiles in one platform. Hoteliers can use it to connect with guests and help increase revenue through personalized messaging and room amenity upsells. Through this integration, hotels can help maximize their marketing efforts with smart segmentation and automated email marketing campaigns delivered to guests’ pre-arrival, on-property and post-stay. They will be able to connect with guests and track performance in real-time, and see detailed campaign and revenue attribution metrics.

ShuttleQ Collaborates with Stripe Technologies for Payment Processing

ShuttleQ, a cloud-based SAS shuttle transportation, parking and guest management software, has recently partnered with Stripe Technologies of San Francisco for fast payment and credit card processing for all ShuttleQ clients and clients’ guests. ShuttleQ’s integration allows for easy access from web-enabled devices or PDA. ShuttleQ’s real-time GPS tracking and communication between operators, drivers and guests increases transportation efficiency and guest satisfaction for any organization or business that relies on efficient management of guest transportation.

Koddi Partners with Sabre for Enhanced Optimization

Koddi, a marketing technology company for the travel industry, has partnered with Sabre to provide its metasearch optimization solution to hotels using the Sabre SynXis platform. Sabre will license the Koddi Enterprise Meta platform to maximize exposure of hotel properties on metasearch channels, driving more bookings and improving marketing ROI. Koddi complements Sabre’s portfolio of technology solutions for hoteliers across categories, from booking engine and reservations system, to connectivity solutions and more. Sabre’s partnership with Koddi creates a unified solution for hotels that includes a connectivity platform, an advanced metasearch optimization platform and a central services team to help facilitate success. For Sabre’s large independent hotel client base, the agreement with Koddi represents an especially important development, as it extends the same optimization capabilities that are used by big hotel chains.