Survey: Future Travel With Family Is a Priority for Americans

WASHINGTON—American travelers have an abiding desire to travel, even as the country navigates the challenges of the pandemic, and a future trip—particularly domestically and with family members—remains a priority, according to a recent poll by the market research firm Destination Analysts.

This finding accords with the Let’s Go There initiative, which has consulted with researchers to identify the demonstrable benefits of looking forward to and planning a future travel experience.

“Let’s Go There, Together,” a key message being shared by thousands of organizations on social and digital channels, reminds families this holiday of the joy that future travels together will bring after months of missed getaways and road trips.

Content is tagged using the hashtag #LetsMakePlans.

Nearly half of American travelers (47%) report that they would feel either happy or very happy to receive a travel-related gift this holiday season.

The finding suggests that, with abundant travel offers available from providers across the industry, particularly on Black Friday and Cyber Monday—many featuring flexible booking and cancellation policies—the gift of travel will be a welcome gift for loved ones this holiday season.

“We all deserve a pick-me-up this holiday season more than ever and thinking about your next trip is a great way to go about it,” said Roger Dow, president/CEO, U.S. Travel Association, whose organization helped found Let’s Go There. “Even if it needs to happen down the road, having a trip on the books is a phenomenal mood lifter, and offers and travel policies are incredibly favorable right now. Giving future travel as a gift could be—maybe should be—the theme of the season,” Dow said.

Nearly 60% of respondents agree that getting a vacation scheduled in the next six months would make them feel there is something happy to look forward to, according to Destination Analysts. This comports with research by the Institute for Applied Positive Research, which found that 71% of respondents to its survey reported feeling greater levels of energy knowing they had a trip planned in the next six months.

In addition to online digital and social media placements through Dec. 31, “Let’s Go There, Together” messages will also be featured in Lightbox video displays at more than a hundred shopping malls and retail sites nationwide, from the West Coast to New England.