Study Measures Americans’ Appetite For Travel Post COVID-19

NEW YORK—More than one in four U.S. adults say travel is among the activities they are excited to return to when experts sound the all clear on COVID-19 restrictions.

A survey by independent marketing, advertising and public relations agency Mower reveals that 60 days will pass before a majority of Americans will feel comfortable returning to most travel-related activities.

Americans will be more inclined to take the wheel than take to the skies

It will be Day 30 before half of Americans anticipate feeling comfortable taking a vacation by car and Day 60 before half will fly in a plane. Only 42% are inclined to travel internationally by Day 60, and 22% say they have never or would never venture beyond the U.S.

On Day 1 By Day 30 By Day 60 Unsure Have/would never
Vacation by car 28% 51% 73% 21% 6%
Fly in a plane 16% 24% 56% 31% 13%
Travel internationally 12% 23% 42% 36% 22%


Hotels will regain trust sooner than privately owned vacation rentals

Only one in five Americans would be comfortable staying either in a hotel or privately owned vacation rental on Day One. By Day 30, a gap emerges between the two choices and by Day 60, respondents are 23% more likely to check in to a hotel than a privately owned rental.

On Day 1 By Day 30 By Day 60 Unsure Have/would never
Hotel 18% 40% 65% 26% 9%
Privately-owned vacation rental 17% 35% 53% 26% 21%


They’ll bet on a day at the beach vs. a night at the casino

One in four Americans would head to the beach on Day One; by Day 60, almost three in four would be comfortable doing so. Theme parks, spas and casinos will feel more like a gamble, with only one in seven Americans comfortable returning on Day 1 and roughly half by Day 60.

On Day 1 By Day 30 By Day 60
Public park/beach 26% 52% 72%
Bar/restaurant 22% 49% 70%
Museum, cultural, music venue 17% 41% 66%
Theme park 15% 32% 55%
Spa 14% 31% 51%
Casino 14% 29% 49%