Read All About It in Shoptalk

In this issue, like every edition of Hotel Business, we report on hotel development, new brands, recent prototypes and concepts—as well as chat with industry leaders and executives about their business and the business of hospitality in general. There’s tech launches, market watches and information about health and wellness initiatives, for example. And if we go on the road, we report on it. Take, for instance, this issue’s lead story on Two Roads Hospitality and our coverage of the recent HAMA conference. Not to mention our annual lists: This time, it’s the brokers report and listing, which begins on page 22.

I want to draw your attention, though, to the supplement accompanying this issue—Shop Talk—which has become a semiannual endeavor to throw the spotlight on the product side of our business. Because without those products, the guest experience would look much different. After all, to your guests, it’s all about a comfy bed—protected from bed bugs, of course—a great cup of coffee or a snack right in their room, a quiet night’s sleep and a safe place to call home when they’re away from theirs. And these, as you know, are just some of the things guests want when they travel. And, certainly, what they expect from your hotel.

In our Shop Talk supplement, we highlight seven product categories—bedding, bedding protection, furniture (both indoor and outdoor), in-room appliances, PTACs, security and window treatments—and find out what’s trending, what’s being requested by owners and guests, and what’s on the horizon.

In past Shop Talks, we’ve featured the perspectives of hotel owners and operators, management companies, purchasing firms and hotel brands, as well as designers and architects, focusing on product specification and installation. For this one, we reached out to the manufacturers and suppliers of the products to get their insight on what’s hot right now and what they’re forecasting in terms of their respective markets. One thing they all agree on: Specifying the right products will not only improve guest satisfaction, but will help the owner meet the bottom line, stay ahead of the competition and get return guests.

Our vendor sources share tips to help you select and implement the products that speak to the trends—and, ultimately, your customers.