Precision Textiles’ SlumberShield products keep pathogens away

TOTOWA, NJ—Now more than ever, guests want to be assured their hotel is doing everything it can to keep viruses, bacteria and allergens out of the guestroom. Beds are an easy target, and Precision Textiles, based here, has produced a line of sleep accessories to keep these illness agents at bay.

Designed for both the hospitality industry and consumer use, Precision’s SlumberShield product line, manufactured from medical-grade materials, “creates a barrier—our Breathe-a-Barrier—around mattresses to provide bacteria, allergens, viruses and fluids from reaching the mattress,” said Scott Tesser, CEO of Precision Textiles. “The encasements, made of a polyester knit, also offer protection from bed bugs, dust mites and mold. In addition, our encasement features a 360-degree zipper around the top panel that can easily be zipped off by housekeeping staff to remove for laundering, leaving the sides and bottom in place. That can save the staff a great deal of time and effort because there is no need to upend the mattress to remove the entire encasement.”

He noted that the Breathe-a-Barrier is a thin layer of thermoplastic polyurethane that is applied to the fabric of the encasements. “The precise thickness we use allows for air exchange and breathability through the soft outer fabric to maintain a cooler sleep environment,” he said.

Besides the zipper encasements, which are available in twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, Eastern king, California king and hotel king (72X80), other SlumberShield products available to the hospitality industry include pillow encasements in standard and king, and a box spring (foundation) cover. “Our hospitality products are white,” noted Tesser.

According to the CEO, Precision Textiles also manufactures a number of fire-retardant solutions that are used by many of the leading mattress producers throughout the world.

The company is always working on new products and advancements for the hospitality industry. “Our new mattress encasement features a zipper on three of the four sides of the mattress,” said Tesser. “It allows for easy removal of the entire encasement for cleaning or replacement. By opening the zipper, housekeeping staff can simply slide the encasement out without having to tilt or lift the entire mattress. It is available in eight sizes and two depths, nine to 12 inches and 11 to 15 inches.”