Phoenix Hotel Launches In-Room Aromatherapy to Relax Weary Travelers

PHOENIX—Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix has partnered with Vitruvi to deliver new in-room aromatherapy rituals.

“When it comes to providing our guests with the highest quality of service and hospitality, we’re always on the lookout for forward-thinking brands that are paving the way within their own industry,” said Jeremy Wilhide, general manager, Kimpton Hotel Palomar, here. “So, when we came across Vitruvi, we knew that its premium-quality products that were pure and natural would resonate well with our demographic of guests staying at the hotel. It’s really a perfect synergy; guests who enjoy the in-room experience will be able to purchase the blends and diffusers found in our in-room rituals in more than 300 stores internationally including Nordstrom, Anthropologie and Goop.”

With so many business travelers staying at Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix from around the world, Wilhide noted, it was important to introduce this amenity to help take the edge off of what can be a stressful time away from home.

“Traveling often puts wear and tear on the mind and body. We wanted to create both an elevated and unique experience for our guests that can help ease some of the anxiety of being in a new environment,” said Wilhide. “Plus, so many people have already adopted their own aromatherapy rituals into their daily routines to help calm nerves, reduce stress and even boost immunity, so this amenity is just another comfort to make guests feel right at home.”

“Scent is such a beautiful and powerful way of creating an evening ritual,” said Sara Panton, Vitruvi CEO and co-founder with her brother, Sean. “We chose these three relaxing essential oils—lavender, bergamot and eucalyptus—because they help cue the body and mind that it’s time for rest. We’re so excited that travelers will now be able to personalize their scent experience when they visit Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix.”

Panton first became interested in the connection between scent and well-being while studying global health sciences in college, as well as traveling and working directly with women in Kenya and Morocco who inspired her to learn more about indigenous botanicals and the benefits of natural medicine.

“Vitruvi started as a passion project of ours, where we designed what we wanted for ourselves, resulting in creating the  first direct-to-consumer essential oils by and for millennial women,” said Panton. “With this philosophy in hand, we were able to successfully disrupt the stagnant, 25-year-old essential oil industry.

“Our goal was to modernize every aspect of the essential oil industry, and that included the product design,” she added. “We take a design-centric approach to every item on our site, ensuring that they suit the desired aesthetic of the modern woman while also paying homage to the ethos of the company. This includes our nod to Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius, with a mirrored design philosophy centered on three principles—designs should be durable, functional and beautiful, all of which we’ve employed into our product designs.”

Vitruvi has a design focus as well, with offerings in soft, neutral shades that double as a piece of decor that can fit well in any space. As for the essential oils, they all pay homage to the periodic table.

“Our essential oils are all elemental, meaning they are single origin and completely pure, and the elements of the periodic table combine to create molecules with entirely different properties,” said Panton. “We designed the single-origin oils with a nod to these because they are meant to be mixed and matched in a diffuser or in DIY blending recipes—resulting in unique aromas all unto themselves.”

To help guests indulge in scent therapy, both teams were focused on cultivating a sense of relaxation and calm.

“To create each of the evening rituals, we were looking for scents that were mostly associated with anxiety, calmness and stress relief to combat the emotions and physical impact that travel has on the human body,” said Panton. “Each of the three scents that we decided on offer a completely different experience, so it really gives the guest the opportunity to hone in on what he or she is feeling physically and emotionally to get some much needed rest and relaxation while staying in the room.”

Wilhide added, “With so many people adopting aromatherapy in their daily routines, we wanted to create a memorable experience that would also help our guests get a better nights rest. By partnering with Vitruvi, we’re able to elevate the guest experience by providing a peaceful environment for any guest, whether it’s a business traveler with back-to-back meetings or someone who could just use a little respite from the daily grind. It’s the small things that people remember, and we’re thrilled to be the first hotel in the world to partner with such a forward-thinking brand.”