Partner News

NATIONAL REPORT—Whether it’s celebrating an anniversary, receiving an award, earning a certification, debuting a new product or expanding the business, hotel companies and vendors achieve new milestones on a daily basis. Here’s a look at recent accomplishments:

React Mobile Receives $6M Investment
React Mobile, which provides panic button safety solutions for hotels, has raised $6 million through a new strategic partnership with publicly traded Brady Corporation. Headquartered in Milwaukee, and founded in 1914, Brady manufactures solutions that identify and protect people, products and places. Together, React Mobile and Brady will jointly develop new solutions that help customers increase safety, security, productivity and performance to further their shared mission of promoting employee safety everywhere.

“This strategic partnership with Brady is a force multiplier that will enable React Mobile products to reach new verticals where our safety solutions can make a massive impact toward making the world a safer place,” said Rob Monkman, React Mobile CEO. “As we leverage Brady’s infrastructure, our installation capabilities will grow exponentially, from installing 30 sites per month to more than 100. This investment solidifies our financial stability and enables us to support hundreds of enterprise customers worldwide.”

React Mobile’s safety platform enables management to deploy resources to the exact location of an emergency within seconds of an alert, getting help to where it is needed fast. The React Mobile platform utilizes GPS geolocation and Bluetooth beacon technology to provide accuracy to locate an employee in distress.

ProfitSword Wins American Business Award
ProfitSword has been awarded the Bronze “Stevie Award” during the 18th Annual American Business Awards for its recently launched ProfitAbility business performance dashboarding and reporting platform. Competing with multiple organizations across the country within the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning category, ProfitAbility was selected as an award recipient due to its abilities in leveraging artificial intelligence to autonomously identify and report anomalies within data reflecting an organization’s real-time business performance.

When reviewing ProfitAbility as a potential Stevie Award recipient, judge remarks leading to the platform’s selection included, “ProfitAbility truly shines when it is applied across large hotel portfolios, because of its ability to drill down into customizable segments to better understand how historical trends impact properties.” Other comments further included, “It would save a ton of time from manually analyzing the metrics,” and “This is the future and AI will definitely help innovation and thinking.”

“We are extremely proud of the hard work and innovation that our team members have displayed in the launch of ProfitAbility, and are thrilled to see their efforts recognized with the winning of a Stevie Award,” said Maureen Allen, president at ProfitSword. “Solutions such as ProfitAbility are becoming a critical component within today’s fast-paced business environments due to being able to constantly monitor and alert personnel to sudden shifts in performance outlook, ensuring that opportunities or risks are not overlooked as a result of human error or limited attention spans. The receiving of this Stevie Award provides further validation of the tremendous value that ProfitAbility brings and we look forward to equipping more organizations with the advanced tools that they need to ensure an efficient and profitable business.”

Knowland Launches Free Hotel Recovery Dashboard
Knowland has introduced a free, interactive Hotel Recovery Dashboard that provides actionable insights on COVID-19 hotel recovery. Using advanced analytics and a proprietary algorithm to reveal a property’s unique Knowland Recovery Curve, or K-Curve, the tool provides insights that enable hoteliers to see their position in the rebound compared to local and/or national markets and make informed decisions to accelerate recovery. The dashboard offers to users:

  • Hotel Benchmarking: Once a hotel enters its occupancy data, the tool provides insight into where the property stands compared to the chosen local market. A hotel’s curve status is visually presented and classifies it for a “Leading,” “On Track” or “Delayed” Recovery Curve based on where its trajectory falls compared to the market.
  • Predictive Trending Industry Data: Users can run sensitivities by selecting their comparison market from the top 25 STR markets, entering custom market data or defaulting to the overall U.S. market that can be used to forecast future trends. It also illustrates the status of group business returning to a specific market tracked by Knowland.
  • Immediate Action Plans: Depending on where the property falls on the K-Curve, users will be provided with tactical action plans for up to 90 days for each curve status.

“Hotels are facing uncertainty about the future and what their course of action should be,” said Kristi White, VP of product management, Knowland. “The Hotel Recovery Dashboard and K-Curve give hotels the tools needed to be in control of their recovery. The trademark of our industry is that we always recover, but what you do today will determine not only how you recover but also how you will move forward in the long term.”

Maxell Introduces Laser Projectors Designed for Conference Rooms
Maxell Pro AV has expanded its laser projector lineup with the compact, lightweight 3LCD J Series projectors ideally suited for conference room and classroom environments. The MP-JW4001, MP-JU4001 and MP-JW3501 projectors all come backed by Maxell’s five-year/10,000-hour warranty.

The 3LCD J Series projectors provide a reduction in total cost of ownership with no lamps to replace and 20,000 hours light source life with normal mode. Additionally, the new phosphor chip technology, which replaced the phosphor wheel and motor, results in fewer moving parts for better reliability and quieter operation.
The entire J Series is designed for easy installation and setup to help save time and money. Maxell’s Perfect Fit 2 feature enables users to adjust individual corners and sides independent of one another to ensure the picture fits the screen while the Cloning Function makes it easy to copy configuration settings from one projector to another of the same model, according to the company. Maxell’s J Series lineup also supports specific control commands of several other projector brands to make replacement as easy as possible.

InnSpace Offers Devices to Help Reopened Hotels
InnSpace is offering two new instruments that can help hotels in their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic—the Shield Pedal-Activated Hand Sanitizer Stand and the CMatchAI Health temperature-taking security camera.

The Shield stand uses a foot pedal to dispense hand sanitizer without hand contact. It is 100% mechanical (no batteries or electricity needed}, and can be fitted with 8 oz. to 33 oz. bottles. A customizable sign is also offered at additional cost.

The CMatchAI camera offers noncontact, frontline preventative screening tools, including thermographic fever scanning, as well as the optional mask compliance and access control client.