Partner News

INTERNATIONAL REPORT—Whether it’s celebrating an anniversary, receiving an award, earning a certification, debuting a new product or expanding the business, hotel companies and vendors achieve new milestones on a daily basis. Here’s a look at recent accomplishments:

My Place Hotels Lends a Hand
My Place Hotels are stepping up by offering direct support to first responders and medical personnel who are working the front lines during the COVID-19 crisis. Its franchise partners at KAMP Hotels LLC are offering free rooms to healthcare professionals at their My Place Hotels in Amarillo and Lubbock in Texas.

“We’re seeing a trend across the nation of healthcare workers who need to be isolated as they make amazing sacrifices in order to take care of us,” said KAMP Principal Kevin Nelson. “We have clean, comfortable rooms, which all have kitchens, where these heroes can come rest and relax after caring for our community all day.”

The My Place Hotel in Carson City, NV, has continued to support medical professionals and visitors through its partnership with the Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center.

“The medical personnel staying at our property from Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center continue to commend the brand’s cleanliness standards,” said the hotel’s GM Steve Kehm. “One of my favorite quotes from William Shakespeare has never been more relevant: ‘The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away,’ and I couldn’t agree more. We feel our gift is helping people feel at ease during these difficult times and providing hospitality.”

The Ambrose Hotel Chooses HIS WiFi Connectivity
Hotel Internet Services (HIS) has implemented the latest in WiFi network connectivity at The Ambrose Hotel in Santa Monica, CA.

By installing advanced Ruckus access points in strategic areas of the property, HIS could ensure that guest devices would receive a strong, consistent and fast WiFi signal regardless of their location within the hotel. Also vital was HIS’ ability to implement a network that could accommodate a multitude of devices attempting to connect at any one time, guaranteeing that each device obtains a sufficient level of bandwidth to operate online seamlessly.

“Any reputable hotelier knows that offering a first-rate internet service is critical in obtaining full guest satisfaction and loyalty, so it is essential for properties to identify a provider that can equip them with the means to meet this challenge head on,” said Erik Kreft, general manager of The Ambrose Hotel. “HIS has proven to be fully capable in this regard, with their technicians doing an outstanding job since the initial building assessment and keeping us informed along the way to ultimate project completion. We are now pleased to note a substantial improvement in our WiFi’s capabilities, and look forward to seeing an increase in our guest satisfaction scores as a result.”

Culp Hospitality/Read Window Manufacture Masks
Culp Hospitality/Read Window have manufactured quick-ship cotton masks to support healthcare personnel and other essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The masks are made of 100% cotton and feature integrated elastic. They are machine washable and reusable.

Culp/Read are also offering quick-ship healthcare cubicle curtains to support the creation of field hospitals.

“This is a challenging chapter for both our customers and the healthcare workers bravely caring for patients on the front lines,” said David Wells, VP of sales and marketing for Culp’s hospitality and contract division. “As a company, we are proud to be able to pivot our operations to support this critical need at this unprecedented time.”

Mattress Firm to Donate 10,000 Pillows
Mattress Firm has partnered with Protect-A-Bed, a SureFit Company, to donate 10,000 pillows to healthcare professionals who are fighting on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. The company will donate 1,000 pillows per day through April 15.

“World Health Workers Week began on April 5, and we recognize that now, more than ever, quality rest is essential to the well-being of our healthcare heroes. We want to show our gratitude and appreciation for their service by giving away 10,000 pillows to the healthcare community,” said John Eck, president/CEO of Mattress Firm.

The donation, valued at approximately $650,000, is made possible through a partnership with Protect-A-Bed.

“Protect-A-Bed is proud to partner with Mattress Firm to provide free pillows to healthcare workers across the country during this challenging time,” said Bob Burbank, CEO of SureFit. “The pillows are our way of saying thank you for their commitment, and we hope they are able to get the quality rest they deserve.”

The Guestbook, Fuel Partner to Release White Paper to Help Hoteliers
The Guestbook, the world’s largest rewards program for independent and boutique hotels, and Fuel, a software provider and digital agency for the hotel industry, have partnered to release a new white paper addressing the economic challenges facing hoteliers in the coming months and how to weather them. Titled “Navigating Troubled Times,” it explores key strategies that hotels can use to stay focused on what matters and avoid common pitfalls during strained economic periods.

The two companies combined feedback from guest surveys with expert insight from the hospitality industry’s leading digital marketing and guest loyalty professionals to create a guide for hoteliers who must make key decisions about their future.

“When facing the unexpected, the best option is always to start with proven strategies and tweak them based on the best available information at hand,” said James Gancos, founder/CEO of The Guestbook. “That is why we put together recommendations using insight from experts across the industry who have successfully navigated challenging times before. Furthermore, many of the strategies we talk about in this report can be used after the market returns to normalcy in order to reduce hoteliers’ reliance on OTAs and plan for future periods of economic hardship.”