Pairing content and partnerships

So, if you follow me on LinkedIn—and if you don’t, please connect—you probably noticed my “job change.” Unfortunately, when LinkedIn decides to notify all of my connections of this change, it positions it in a way that makes it seem like I started a new job at a new company. As such, I’ve had a lot of direct messages asking me if I left to pursue another opportunity. And the answer is no. I’m still here. At Hotel Business—and InspireDesign—where I have been now for more than a decade.

What has changed is my position at the media brands. My new title, VP, content & partnerships, has basically formalized a role that I’ve already, in many ways, established over the years. And, in recent days, I’ve had many people, both on LinkedIn and in person while at the NYU Conference here in New York City, ask me: What does that title mean? So, since I have the privilege of having my own page in this publication, I figured I’d answer that here. Simply put, it’s a hybrid role: In addition to leading the content strategy of our print, digital and in-person channels, I will leverage that content to engage industry partners in thought-leadership opportunities. In very basic terms: pair edit and sales to deepen the relationships we have with our media partners and help them develop campaigns and platforms that will resonate with our audience of executive decision-makers—owners, brands, management companies, etc.—to not only grow our business but theirs. Yours.

So, what’s my objective in this expanded role? I welcome the opportunity to form and foster collaborative relationships with clients via content marketing and to continually evolve products, programs and practices to become a solutions provider for not only our readers, but our advertising partners. In addition to managing and developing the business pipeline and identifying new business opportunities and partners, I want to form and establish relationships with key decision-makers to execute partnership deals.

And, through client partnership development, we can work together to establish growth objectives and initiatives and execute the right program to best deliver your message to our audience.

One thing I want to underscore after saying all of that is this: Editorial integrity is critical to a successful media brand—and it’s a core value of ours. And, though the pairing of content strategy and business development is, in many ways, a natural and beneficial coupling, I fully understand and honor the importance of keeping the “two sides” compatible but independent. I always have—and always will—respect that perspective.

I hope to hear from you as we continue to maintain, strengthen and create new partnerships. Let’s see what we can do together!