New products

1 The Inncom InnControl 5 energy management and guestroom automation control system from Honeywell monitors real-time guestroom data from intelligent Inncom devices, such as its e7 Thermostat, to improve a hotel’s energy savings, increase operational efficiency and enhance the guest experience.

2 The Samsung Flip is an upgrade on both standard paper flip charts and analog boards, allowing for easy sharing, annotation, movement and even searching, as well as the ability for multiple users to create content at once. In addition, the Flip’s portable, wheel-based stand transforms any location into a huddle room, meaning added flexibility to businesses with limited conference space.

3 Keypr, which recently announced plans to merge with Intelity, offers Keypr TV, a platform that enables guests to stream content from their personal mobile devices or Keypr’s in-room tablets to hotel TVs with no app downloads, required sign-ins, or complex access codes, according to the company.

4 CorkGuru, the digital wine platform, helps restaurants get the most out of beverage programs, providing wine intelligence cultivated from digital wine lists, plus inventory management and guest-recognition features.

5 Instaroom’s web-based concierge platform—created by hotel industry experts—aims to engage potential and in-house customers, increase direct bookings and lower distribution costs.