New product enhancements, partnerships abound at HITEC

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As has been the case with every other edition of the hospitality technology conference and trade show, HITEC Orlando provided companies with the opportunity to launch new products, enhancements and offers, as well as reveal new or extended partnerships.

Nomadix unveils starter bundle for EG 1000 internet gateway
Nomadix Inc​. has launched an internet hardware and software starter bundle for the EG 100 internet gateway for 500 users and 500 Mbits, at a suggested price of $999 for the hotel. The device can be further expanded to 1,000 devices and 1 GB, if desired.

The starter package was created in response to demand from small and mid-sized properties looking for affordable, high-performance onboarding and bandwidth management for guests and tenants.

“Smaller properties shouldn’t have to settle for inferior WiFi services,” said Tammy Estes, chief product officer, Nomadix. “Hoteliers, landlords and managers need strong and fast on-boarding and bandwidth management to compete effectively and support their businesses. Guests and tenants expect a service capable of handling streaming, remote working, gaming and multiple devices. This special bundle delivers extra capacity and bandwidth as we collectively work towards economic recovery.”

INTELITY, Incode Technologies form strategic partnership
INTELITY has formed a strategic partnership with Incode Technologies, a leader in identity verification and authentication for global enterprises. To further enhance hotels’ operations encompassing a safe, secure and reliable check-in workflow process, the integration partnership with Incode fulfills hotel requirements for full ID verification and enables guest ID verification during the check-in stage through any INTELITY mobile app, either single-property or brand-level.

“The partnership with Incode furthers our strong commitment to servicing our hotelier, residential, casino and other customers with the most advanced guest experience platform available,” said Robert Stevenson, CEO, INTELITY.

Hotels are able to automate the process of validating a guest’s identification with Incode to confirm the legitimacy of the presented guest ID, virtually eliminating human error. The process can confirm requirements, such as age, during the check-in process to ensure the hotel is in compliance with any requirements. Incode also provides an automated digital ID creation for a guest’s profile to interact with the hotel property and process payment sources, continuing INTELITY’s goal to provide the industry with a full contactless workflow.

DirecTV signs agreement with Marriott, expands Hyatt partnership
DirecTV Business Solutions has signed an agreement with Marriott International to continue its presence at Marriott hotels across the U.S.

“As millions of Americans hit the road this summer, whether for business or for pleasure, it brings me great pride that they will have access to DirecTV as part of their guestroom entertainment experience across destinations near and far,” said Doug Eichler, SVP, DirecTV Business Solutions.

The multi-year agreement designates Eichler’s company as a Marriott International-approved vendor and reinforces DirectTV’s strong in-room presence at hotels across the country. It also allows owners and franchisees the opportunity to streamline their in-room channel lineups, lowering costs over the previously-available options.

In another development, Hyatt has renewed its agreement with DirecTV Hospitality.

In April 2016, Hyatt announced DirecTV as its Preferred Free-to-Guest Entertainment provider within the U.S. Building on that longstanding business relationship, the new agreement aims to expand DirecTV’s presence within Hyatt’s portfolio over the next several years.

“Our new agreement with DirecTV Hospitality meaningfully improves our cost structure and positions Hyatt for access to new, innovative services that will enhance our guest experience in the rapidly evolving world of video entertainment and delivery,” said Rohan Jani, associate VP, guest technology, Hyatt.

Cendyn partners with OpenTable
Cendyn has partnered with OpenTable to allow hotel and resort restaurants the ability to link key guest, dining and loyalty CRM data across both restaurant and hotel guest profiles.

The new integration between Cendyn’s eInsight CRM and OpenTable provides visibility for hotel-based restaurants to holistic guest insights, bringing a single, unified view of profiles onto the OpenTable restaurant platform. This allows for personalized dining experiences and enables loyalty recognition across the entire guest journey at the restaurant and across the hotel property.

Hotel guests can now be welcomed at a property’s restaurant with personalized insights, including dietary and dining preferences, loyalty status and other details related to their current or previous stays. This eliminates the complexity of managing two separate guest profiles and makes delivering incredible hospitality seamless and effortless for the hotel and dining teams.

Revenue Analytics adds seven feature improvements to N2Pricing RMS
Revenue Analytics, a former custom software provider that now delivers enterprise revenue management products to the hospitality, media, passenger rail and manufacturing/distribution industries, has added seven feature improvements to its N2Pricing RMS for hoteliers.

“Having written the book on the topic, Revenue Analytics has been at the forefront of revenue management since my father created the concept some 35 years ago,” said Dax Cross, CEO, Revenue Analytics. “We listen to the industry very closely, and the two main concerns we hear repeatedly are time poverty and an inability to meaningfully make impactful decisions for multi-property portfolios. By eliminating the need for soul-crushing data entry, these seven feature enhancements address those issues, effectively returning 50 hours per month to revenue managers, allowing them to focus on what they were hired to do.”

The new feature updates include multi-property workflow, inventory controls & overbooking, intraday updates, profit-optimization and more.