New Climbing Machine Aims to Appeal to Users & Operators

DENVER—With a greater focus on health and well-being, many hotels are taking a new look at their fitness offerings, enhancing fitness centers and even adding in-room equipment. CLMBR, based here, recently introduced an ergonomic climbing machine, which it believes is a perfect fit for the modern hotel gym.

“CLMBR’s new fitness machine is very different from the climbing machines that are currently on the market,” said Avrum Elmakis, CEO, CLMBR. “Overall, the climbing machine segment has seen very little innovation over the last 40 years in regards to quality, design and technology. However, CLMBR has identified and addressed the pain points that fitness center operators and users typically experience with traditional climbing machines.”

Elmakis noted that benefits are many for operators: “The CLMBR machine is low-maintenance, highly durable and created to be flexible enough for use in any space. Built with a lightweight aluminum frame and integrated wheels, the CLMBR is portable and easy to move. The climbing machines that are currently on the market require frequent lubrication and are a hassle to maintain. However, the CLMBR’s critical parts are easily accessible, allowing for simple maintenance. The machine is engineered with higher-quality, industrial-grade materials, including Kevlar-reinforced belts, and is made specifically for heavy commercial use.”

Users can also benefit from the new machine. “CLMBR delivers a user experience unlike anything that has been seen in this segment,” Elmakis said. “Traditional climbing machines look intimidating and ­are designed with an exposed chain running inside the center column that can catch fingers or hair. In contrast, the CLMBR machine has a radically new design that is free of the typical central chain or shaft found on other climbers. This design is a game changer that makes the CLMBR more inviting and easier to use. Also, the climbing machines that are currently on the market have failed to keep up with the technological changes that modern fitness fanatics demand. However, the CLMBR has a state-of-the-art user interface, comes complete with pre-loaded tutorial videos, and is paired with an app that displays key metrics, rich content and visuals to maximize the users’ experience. Metrics include the total vertical feet users have climbed, elevation, power and tempo. Users will also receive unique notifications when their workout targets have been reached. They will love the ability to reference these metrics to stay accountable and track their progress over time.”

According to Elmakis, the machine is a good fit for hotel fitness centers and guestrooms geared toward fitness enthusiasts. “The CLMBR machine has a sleek design and a modern aesthetic that complements any hotel gym while demonstrating a commitment to innovation, quality, and efficacy,” the CEO said. “On-the-go travelers will certainly appreciate the efficiency of the CLMBR as it burns more calories per minute than any other fitness machine. Climbing is a primal movement with no impact—it’s appropriate for guests of all ages and fitness levels.”