MyDigitalOffice: Memorial Day weekend occupancy approaching 2019 levels

U.S. hotel occupancy during Memorial Day weekend in 2019 finished in the mid-70% range. That same weekend last year dropped to an abysmal 40%, although that was still slightly stronger than many late projections, given the wide-spread lockdowns.

New data from the MAPP Report, powered by myDigitalOffice (MDO), shows occupancy rates for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend already approaching 60%. Considering this data is as of May 23, in addition to the recent trends observed with last-minute bookings in the final days leading up to a major holiday or event, all signs point to this weekend finishing somewhere in the 70% range.

Data from MDO’s MAPP Report also highlights a few trends shaping the travel industry and where consumers are planning to spend their upcoming vacation.

Occupancies for the holiday weekend have been steadily climbing since this time last month, and many areas are now approaching the 65-70% range. Some, such as Charleston, SC, and the Florida Keys, will likely top 90% occupancy during the weekend.

Occupancies are also showing similar patterns across all chain scales, from economy to luxury hotels, as all have been increasing, nearly in lockstep with one another, each week as we head into the holiday.