Marriott Enhances Mobile Functionality, Global Wallet-Free Travel Solutions

HONG KONG—Marriott International Inc. has redesigned its storefront on Fliggy, Alibaba’s travel service platform, and the rollout of Post Post Pay (PPP) functionality across more than 1,000 Marriott hotels globally. 

As part of Marriott’s first phase of service enhancements, its new storefront on Fliggy aims to elevate the digital experience for Chinese consumers. Beginning in April, the new storefront will feature approximately 6,000 hotels from across Marriott’s global inventory of 30 brands, presented in a Chinese traveler-friendly layout. Through the storefront, Fliggy’s innovative PPP functionality will be offered to qualified Fliggy users at more than 1,000 hotels globally, including more than 270 hotels in the Greater China region, where the service is already available, and in high-demand locations throughout the Asia-Pacific region, such as Australia, Japan, the Maldives, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand. To complement these enhancements, Marriott expects to certify more than 1,000 hotels globally in its “Li Yu” program, designed to provide travelers from China a warm welcome and the comforts of home throughout the world.

In August 2017, Marriott and Alibaba Group formed a joint venture aimed at redefining the travel experience for the hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers traveling domestically and abroad every year. It utilizes industry expertise, local customer insights and technology to empower travel companies to foster an innovative customer experience for Chinese travelers. The global rollout of PPP, a credit-based hotel payment service developed by Fliggy, reaffirms Marriott’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience of Chinese consumers. It enables qualified Fliggy users to book hotels without paying a deposit, have a comprehensive wallet-free experience during their stay and enjoy an express checkout service. Room charges and incidental expenses are automatically settled afterwards, providing a seamless, wallet-free payment experience for both customers and hotels.

The PPP program was introduced in March 2015 as part of Fliggy’s strategy to reshape the hospitality industry through internet-based innovation. More than 100,000 hotels across Mainland China have joined the program since its launch.

Marriott’s redesigned storefront on Fliggy now features its global inventory of hotels with a localized, mobile-enhanced, user-friendly layout. It includes a search functionality that is expected to be more intuitive to Chinese consumers, along with experiences and offers geared to their usual preferences, particularly for leisureand hotel-level information curated to help them make more informed decisions on where they want to stay. Marriott loyalty members have access to special members-only rates through the storefront, and can also see which hotels have been “Li Yu” certified and which hotels accept PPP.