LTW Unveils Designs for Three Hotels in Asia

SINGAPORE—LTW Designworks has unveiled three of its completed projects in Asia, including Cordis Shanghai, Hongqiao; Grand Hyatt Changsha in China; and Shangri-La Colombo in Sri Lanka.

LTW pays tribute to Old Shanghai with its design for Cordis Shanghai, Hongqiao. A throwback to 1920s Shanghai, vintage street scenes are subtly articulated in the design through contemporary expressions, according to the firm. Examples include the back-lit display boxes in the bar showing Shanghainese street scenes from the early 20th Century, and etched glass murals with stylized Chinese women and cherry blossoms.

In the guestrooms, textured silk wall panels feature traditional Chinese motifs that signify good fortune, with accent details such as oversized persimmon qipao buttons.

At the Grand Hyatt Changsha, the design team pays homage to Changsha’s landscape and history through the hotel’s interior design. The expansive lobby showcases a red and white feature wall with vertical fins rendered in lacquered wave patterns. Bas-relief motifs and floral compositions also draw guests into the space. Spacious guestrooms have warm hues with details such as white slotted panels inset with art blocks, glazed brick red tiling and floral carpeting.

Taking inspiration from its seaside location, LTW has reinvented the Shangri-La Colombo’s interiors. The firm adopted a soothing palette for the guestrooms and suites, incorporating shades of cool gray, off-white paneling and soft blue and white carpeting. Other elements include custom-designed furnishings and accent materials, including woven leather wall panels, marble-topped nightstands and textured fabrics and upholstery inspired by Sri Lankan crafts.