Lodging Econometrics—Hotel Development Pipelines* by United States Markets Including the Latest Monthly Totals

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NATIONAL REPORT—According to Lodging Econometrics’ (LE’s) latest monthly hotel development data produced by LE’s global research team, the top ten U.S. markets with the largest hotel development pipelines* by total project count are: Los Angeles with 193 projects/32,348 rooms; Dallas with 185 projects/23,496 rooms; New York with 169 projects/33,741 rooms; Atlanta with 160 projects/22,393 rooms; Houston with 142 projects/15,508 rooms; Orlando, FL with 124 projects/25,842 rooms; Nashville with 118 projects/16,386 rooms; Phoenix with 112 projects/15,287 rooms; Washington, DC with 111 projects/17,992 rooms; and Austin, TX with 110 projects/14,632 rooms.

Of the top 50 markets in the U.S., 34 of those markets have 50 or more projects in their total hotel development pipelines. These 34 markets account for 44% of the projects and 53% of the rooms in the pipeline.

Thirty-eight percent of the projects in the hotel development pipeline are underway. Markets with the greatest number of new construction, renovation and conversion projects already under construction are led by New York City with 116 projects/21,418 rooms. Atlanta follows with 59 projects/8,160 rooms, then Dallas with 55 projects/7,050 rooms, Los Angeles with 54 projects/9,742 rooms, and Phoenix with 49 projects/7,464 rooms. Collectively, these five markets account for 12% of the total number of projects currently under construction in the U.S.

Conversely, there are 16 markets having more than 50 projects in the pipeline in the planning phase which consists of projects that are scheduled to start in the next 6-12 months and those that are in early planning. These 16 markets represent 28% of the projects in the planning phase of the development pipeline. Some of these markets with the highest project counts in the planning phase include Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Orlando, Nashville, Washington, DC, Austin, and Detroit.

Lodging Econometrics (LE) can provide a comprehensive look into any market in the United States as well as any market around the world. LE has the most accurate and comprehensive intelligence on the hotel construction pipeline by stage, new project announcements, announced renovations, brand conversions, open and operating hotels, recent sales transactions and more. For more information, please contact LE: +1 603.431.8740 or [email protected].

—JP Ford, ISHC, SVP, Director of Global Business Development, Lodging Econometrics
—Bruce Ford, SVP, Director of Global Business Development, Lodging Econometrics
—Tom O’Gorman, Vice President of Sales, Lodging Econometrics
—April Bedell, Sales Account Executive, Lodging Econometrics

*LE’s Development Pipeline includes all new hotel construction, brand conversions (projects that involve a change in brand affiliation) and announced renovations.