Legrand Harnesses Solar for Mobile Charging in Outdoor Spaces

WEST HARTFORD, CT—Legrand, a global specialist in electrical and network infrastructure solutions, has launched a solar charging kit. Two priorities for hoteliers informed its development: the need for guest access to charging solutions in all parts of a property, and the importance of harnessing sustainable energy.

“While Legrand furniture power centers provide charging solutions within hotel rooms, lobbies and restaurants, hotel owners and developers are increasingly looking to integrate convenient charging solutions into outdoor spaces as well, from pools to promenades. They are also looking for eco-friendly ways to provide power that are not a huge hassle to install and maintain,” said Sabrina Snyder, product manager, Legrand. “In an effort to promote accessible and intuitive charging solutions both indoors and outdoors, the solar charging kit was created to allow hotel owners and developers the option to easily install outdoor charging solutions without any rewiring.”

With Legrand’s solar charging kit, hoteliers can add mobile device charging to outdoor spaces.

According to Snyder, sustainability has become a huge selling point and focus for many of Legrand’s consumers. This new product harnesses the energy of solar power to meet the charging needs of today’s hotel guest.

“Once installed onto the light panel, the solar charging kit can be tilted toward the sun to produce power,” she said. “One full day of direct sunlight is enough to fully recharge the station, and because the included battery is designed to hold energy throughout the day and night, it can also be used after dark.”

Aside from the benefits it brings a guest and the sustainable aspect touched on previously, the Solar Charging Kit may be used in any region.

“It includes a solar panel assembly (and a battery), all necessary wiring, a mounting collar and three charging shelves. Each shelf offers two USB-A ports that are illuminated and protected with a siding cover, keeping connections safe from all types of weather,” she said. “Developing a product that can be easily retrofitted into properties was key. Hoteliers can easily add mobile device charging to the outdoor spaces of a property without the need to trench to deliver power.”

With sustainability in focus, Legrand is working to produce more eco-friendly products and educate the industry at large. “This summer, Legrand published four new Health Product Declarations (HPDs) to provide transparency on the health and environmental impact of its products,” she said. “This brings our total number of published HPDs to 11, all part of our greater ongoing initiative to equip our customers with the ability to easily adapt to market regulations and develop green projects using products they can trust.”