Koddi: August continues upward demand trend

Demand for travel was again at a high point for the year in the month of August in the U.S, with Labor Day demand peaking in the days leading up to the holiday weekend.

In Europe, COVID-19 cases rose steadily; however, demand has remained strong and has now surpassed 2019 demand. APAC demand was up 20% compared to the same period in 2020.

U.S. highlights

  • U.S. demand is again at a high point for the year as we reach what has historically been the busiest travel season.
  • COVID cases steadily increased throughout July and into August, accelerating in a similar fashion to fall 2020. New cases per day approached 150,000.
  • The coastal demand trend from June and July did not continue into August. Hawaii, Nevada, Washington and Massachusetts had the highest August 2021 vs. August 2020 growth.
  • Fully vaccinated U.S. citizens are allowed to enter Canada as of Aug. 9, but Canadian traveler’s entry to the U.S. has been delayed.
  • Labor Day demand peaked in the days leading up to the holiday weekend.

Europe highlights

  • COVID case counts have flatlined at an elevated level after steadily rising throughout July.
  • Despite the increase in COVID cases, demand in Europe has remained strong and for the first time has now surpassed 2019 demand.
  • Notable updates include the European Union recommending member countries to restrict travel on U.S. tourists amid the rise in Delta variant cases, while a surge in COVID cases is deeply worrying as vaccination rates dip. In France and Italy, the COVID Green pass was introduced, which will allow indoor activities in the winter for vaccinated individuals.