Knowland: Average number of meetings attendees higher than 2019

September U.S. group meetings volume increased 17.2% over August, according to data from Knowland. The double-digit growth has continued as group demand has returned. New metric levels are emerging which may be a result of short-term adjustments during this transitional period or the signaling of a reset of industry KPIs.

“While the percentage of growth was not as high as in August, shifts in other metrics show real strength,” said Kristi White, chief product officer, Knowland. “Average attendees are now not only higher than the same month in 2019 but are higher than the average of 2019 as a whole. Additionally, New York and Washington, DC, two of the biggest group markets in the world, climbed into the top five growth markets. To see them resurge is a leading indicator that recovery is broadening.”

  • The average number of attendees per event in September was 112, compared to 70 in September 2019. This is the highest this metric has been since 2013, according to Knowland data.
  • The average space used in September was 2,791 sq. ft. while meetings in September 2019 averaged 2,548 sq. ft.
  • The top five growth markets in September, ordered by highest to lowest, were Norfolk-Virginia Beach, VA; New York; Washington, DC; Phoenix; and St. Louis.
  • The corporate segment represents 67.8% of meeting and event business with the healthcare and technology segments taking the lead as the largest industry segments.