Kalibri Labs: Uptick in Hotel Closures & More Industry Trends

NATIONAL REPORT—Kalibri Labs has released updated data from its COVID-19 Industry Health Dashboard, which is designed to provide critical insights to the hotel community as it weathers the storm of COVID-19.

Among the highlights are the following:

  • While there is not a consistent week:week pattern, overall hotel demand continues to display a slow upward trend relative to the spring and early summer.
  • After experiencing a consistent downward trend, hotel closures have begun to rise slightly in recent weeks. It will be important to monitor this in the coming weeks and into the fall. Continued tepid travel demand combined with delays in further economic relief would be felt and reflected in closures.
  • Group continues to get some minor near-term pickup in August. However, cancellations for the rest of 2020 into Q1 2021 continue to grow.