Kalibri Labs: Slight Improvement Despite July 4th Drop-Off

NATIONAL REPORT—Kalibri Labs has released updated data from its COVID-19 Industry Health Dashboard, which is designed to provide critical insights to the hotel community as it weathers the storm of COVID-19.
Among the highlights are the following:

  • Despite the drop-off from the July 4th holiday week, all rate categories other than group and corporate continue to show positive, albeit slight, directional improvement from their lowest point in April.
  • Rack/BAR, OTA and Promotion + Loyalty Member Rates continue to be the segments where incremental growth is achievable.
  • In line with hotel demand, airline purchases showed incremental week-to-week improvement, but are still not back up to early/mid June levels, let alone to pre-pandemic amounts.
  • Organic search remains relatively flat week-to-week, but also slightly down from early June, which is indicative of a reduction of confidence—and thereby interest—in the market.
  • Without a major healthcare breakthrough, it appears the recovery of travel demand will continue to be incremental and gradual. There is a clear link between consumer confidence levels and travel demand. Until confidence grows, growth in the industry will remain slow and relatively muted.