Kalibri Labs: Labor Day Weekend Impacted Performance, More Industry Trends

NATIONAL REPORT—Kalibri Labs has released updated data from its COVID-19 Industry Health Dashboard, which is designed to provide critical insights to the hotel community as it weathers the storm of COVID-19.

Among the highlights are the following:

  • While not experiencing large week:week growth, hotel demand across all rate categories for the entire U.S. continues a slow progression upward.
  • Group and Corporate demand continues to struggle. Group cancellations continue to push into Q1 of 2021.
  • Relative to the early months of the pandemic, the volatility in hotel closures has subsided. While there is still fluctuation in these metrics, starting next week, Kalibri Labs will begin to track weekly trends of this, rather than daily.
  • After a flat week, Airline Tickets – Net Purchased for Total U.S. had it’s biggest week:week gain since the start of the pandemic. The majority of major U.S. markets also saw positive week:week growth in the most recent week. The Labor Day holiday weekend impacted this performance. Kalibri Labs will be looking to see how this trend continues going into the fall.