Intelity and Alice Unveil Integration and Partnership

LOS ANGELES—Intelity and Alice teamed up to offer hotels a comprehensive suite of tools available to manage their hotels and interact with guests.

Through Intelity’s enterprise platform, hotels can access important guest-facing tools such as a customizable mobile app, in-room tablets, mobile key, voice, TV casting, and more. Through Alice’s operations platform, hotels gain a back-of-house operations system that streamlines staff communication and centralizes task management across staff departments, according to the company. This integration seamlessly connects the two platforms and offers hotels a sophisticated way to coordinate operations with guest activity.

Technology, and providing the ease and efficiency hotel guests demand, is critical. Studies show that guests want hotels to continue investing in technology and to offer tools that allow them more control over their hotel experience. Guests want to be able to use their smartphone and a mobile app to control various aspects of their booking and stay, and in the hotel room, they want the types of technology they are accustomed to at home. Sixty-five percent of hotel guests say they are willing to pay higher rates and are more likely to return to a hotel that offers access to the technology they consider important.

With this integration, guests can check in with the mobile app on their smartphone, bypass the front desk, and use their device as a room key. During their stay, they can request services and place orders, which are processed through Alice’s platform. Intelity, which is in the process of merging with the cloud-based guest experience and management platform Keypr, lets guests connect easily with the hotel, its staff, amenities and the neighborhood.

Alice tracks to-dos, ensures staff accountability, and provides advanced reporting so owners and managers know exactly what’s happening on their property at all times. Routing guest requests and communications directly to the applicable staff member saves time, reduces the chance of error and redefines operational excellence.

Both Intelity and Alice are Forbes Travel Guide Brand Officials, and more than a third of all Forbes Travel Guide hotels use Intelity or Alice—or both.