InnSpace Delivers Holistic Design to Hotels

KALISPELL, MT—InnSpace, a design and build firm, is taking a holistic approach to the renovation, rebranding and remodeling of hotels.

A team composed of design, procurement and construction professionals, InnSpace specializes in the renovation of hotels and other commercial spaces. With more than 20 years of experience renovating spaces, the company’s calling card is a streamlined approach to what can be a stressful and time-consuming process.

“We are able to eliminate inefficiencies that are typically burdened by the customer and offer a cost-effective solution. At InnSpace, every project, big or small, is important. Our careful attention to detail and our ability to collaborate internally is what makes us shine,” said Russell Markham, GM and director, InnSpace, based here. “Our experience over the years as a subcontractor on one job, general contractor on another, and interior designer and/or procurement provider on other projects is unique. Most companies don’t experience all those perspectives firsthand.”

Markham noted that renovation projects have become unnecessarily complicated, lengthy and costly. He and his team sought to change that. The team saw hospitality as an industry that was at elevated risk to experience these complications, delays and costs for a few distinct reasons:

  • Hotels rarely completely shut down for a renovation. Most of the time, it’s very necessary to maintain as high of an occupancy level as possible throughout the remodel.
  • A hotel renovation has added nuances in comparison to other types of commercial renovations. This includes brand requirements, PIP generation and reviews, large projects with a high volume/quantity of FF&E materials and the necessity to remain fully functional (front desk, breakfast room, facilities) during a renovation. This means the work must take place in an occupied space, which complicates logistics.
  • Most of the time, a hoteliers’ renovations are not voluntary, but part of the franchisee requirements of the brand. The brand often has requirements and input around timing, scope and specifications.

When asked why hoteliers should seek out InnSpace versus going the traditional route of hiring a designer, architect, procurement, etc., Markham explained it’s all about the company’s organizational model.

“We asked ourselves this question at the onset, and this continues to be the question we ask each other when making organizational changes. The answer is quite simple: It’s all about efficiency and synergy,” he said. “Our model allows hoteliers to focus on running their hotels and businesses with the peace of mind that their project is in the hands of professionals who know the industry.

From day one, the team that will take your project to completion is at the table,” he continued. “We take the time to fully understand what is important to both you and the brand; what is required by the brand; and what unique elements differentiate your property and project, such as local flair. This means that every item that is selected, every order that is placed, the detail of every schedule that is made is with complete knowledge and understanding.”

At InnSpace, teamwork and collaboration are key principles for the success of the operation. The order process is streamlined and efficient because the designers and construction managers are all under one roof.

“Most hoteliers want to establish the budget for their project right away. In a traditional process they must commit to the entire design, cost and time frame prior to collecting bids from procurement and construction companies. Then, if it comes in over budget, they must start all over,” he said. “We have also seen, all too often, hoteliers receive a budget number from a contractor who doesn’t do their due diligence to understand the brand requirements or the hotel industry. When they find out too late in the process that the actual cost far exceeds what was budgeted, not only does it cost money, but it also costs time—and time is money.”