Innisfree Hotels names Bethanne Edwards director of sustainability

Innisfree Hotels has added Bethanne Edwards as its director of sustainability. The position is part of the company’s focused commitment on sustainability in 2023 and beyond.

The company’s “triple bottom line” approach to business—considering People, Planet and Prosperity with each decision and striving to strike a balance between all three—makes sustainability a key factor in supporting the communities that it serves.

Edwards said her initial attention will go toward reducing the company’s carbon footprint—including efficient energy and water use and minimizing waste—as well as engaging employees, guests and local communities through environmental awareness initiatives. Innisfree Hotel’s portfolio of beach and seaside properties is part of what attracted Edwards to the company.

“I feel a deep connection to nature and feel most at home when I’m at the beach,” she said. “In this role, I hope to help protect our beaches and leave a positive impact on the planet so that current and future generations can continue to experience the beauty it has to offer.”

Ted Ent, president/CEO, Innisfree Hotels added, “We’re delighted that someone as deeply invested and genuinely passionate about the environment as Bethanne would join us in this incredibly important role. We very much look forward to seeing the impact she will have on our properties and their local communities.”

She worked in environmental roles for major companies before starting an independent environmental consulting business of her own in 2016.

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