Industry Vets Form Boutique Commercial Real Estate Firm

DALLAS—Industry professionals have come together to form Goodwin Advisors, a boutique commercial real estate firm with offices in both Dallas and Houston. Focused on meeting clients’ customized needs in these turbulent times, the firm will provide bespoke capital markets solutions and not one-size-fits-all recommendations. The multifaceted team will initially concentrate on the office and lodging sectors. Goodwin Advisors brings together three senior capital market participants, each with their own specialty and experience, to give clients the most complete advice possible. The firm will primarily concentrate on investment sales, recapitalizations and credit advisory.

Evan Stone is an institutional investment sales broker with 25 years of intermediary experience, focused on the office and hotel sectors primarily in the Southwest. Art Buser is a 40-year lodging veteran with experience in operations and leadership with the latter half of his career in the investment and sales arena from coast to coast. Stacy Stack brings to the team a 20-year history in lending, underwriting and credit surveillance and has deep experience in creating and unwinding complex credit structures. Stack is an expert across a wide range of property types from coast to coast. Ash Goldfarb joins the team assisting on marketing, underwriting and market research.

Stone’s experience includes more than $9 billion of closed transactions and his background includes roles as a lender and investor nationally across multiple property types. Stone said, “I’m excited to form Goodwin Advisors with Art and Stacy. We bring over 85 years of experience benefitting our clients from investment sales to recaps and financial advisory. We are neutral on the type of execution and want to create the optimal path for our clients. We are confident we bring a new set of standards and multidisciplined approach to our business model.”

Buser worked for service firms and lastly was located in Singapore coordinating an Asia-Pacific lodging investment sales business. He previously ran a public REIT and a national lodging investment sales business. Buser has completed more than $9 billion as an intermediary and principal.

Buser said, “Right now, there are more questions than answers in the hospitality industry. Real estate owners are therefore likely to consider a wider set of solutions in addition to asset sales such as recapitalization, change of use, operations and the value of their associations and agreements. The team at Goodwin Advisors was put together to evaluate and execute on this wider set of opportunities.”

Stack has led groups for such industry players as Lone Star/Hudson, C-III and ORIX with focuses on asset management and risk mitigation. In 2015, she founded Stacked Solutions, which provides underwriting and credit surveillance to a wide range of lenders and special servicers. The team continues to actively provide risk assessment through evaluation of more than 500-plus transactions ($8 billion) across debt and equity platforms.

About Goodwin Advisors, Stack said, “Today’s successful execution involves understanding all the players, along with their motivation and fiduciary responsibility. This team brings together experts from all disciplines to provide clients creative sale and valuation solutions.”

Goldfarb was previously a market research analyst at a full-service brokerage firm in Dallas.