Increase your operating efficiencies with bed bug prevention

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A successful hotel, like any other business, must strive to be as efficient as possible to maximize earnings. From staffing to product purchasing, hotel management strives to avoid any bottlenecks that lead to a negative guest experience. The same standard applies to pest control services. A general manager must seek from his contracted pest management professional a comprehensive pest control strategy that is effective and efficient. The goal of creating an efficient bed bug prevention strategy is to take the burden of bed bugs off your staff’s shoulders and allow them to spend more time doing “what they do best.”

The most efficient bed bug prevention strategies should incorporate an active mattress liner to provide consistent 24/7 protection against the development of bed bug infestations. ActiveGuard™ Mattress Liners are the leaders in their class as they provide protection for a full 24 months after installation. There are no zippers or Velcro straps to worry about—simply install the same way you would a fitted sheet. More importantly, these liners continue to work even if torn, unlike encasements. Long-lasting protection combined with low maintenance costs provides an efficient plan that does not impact your staff’s day-to-day operational efficiencies.

You may have used mattress encasements in the past as a preventive tool for bed bugs. Unfortunately, mattress encasements do not prevent bed bug infestations, and in many cases, they provide a false sense of security. Encasements are primarily designed to protect your mattress from spills and stains. Bed bugs can lie dormant in an encasement for months, but if ripped or torn, will act as a hidden harborage allowing them to freely escape. Unfortunately, your staff will be unaware of this reputationally damaging issue until your guests unexpectedly encounter an emerging bed bug, frequently in the middle of the night. This example happens far too frequently and presents an example of how inefficient preventive pest control strategies can harm your hotel. The amount of time and resources your staff will spend reacting to this situation may add up to tens of thousands of dollars every time it happens.

Even if your hotel outsources pest control services, as most hotels do, your operating efficiencies will still be stifled if you are constantly calling your pest management professional. Conventional treatment methods typically involve multiple visits to your property for one incident, which means you may have to put several rooms out of service for days. You will also likely have to dedicate a staff member to escort the technician discreetly around the hotel. Your daily hotel operations are disrupted every time you call your pest control operator, and that reflects negatively on the property’s financial health. Help your hotel run smoothly by preventing bed bug infestations before they occur.

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