How to Protect Your Property from Bed Bug Attorneys

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As a hotel’s general manager, you are likely aware of the damage bed bugs can cause to your hotel’s reputation and bottom line. However, it is essential to understand that bed bugs not only pose a risk to your guests’ experiences but also heighten your potential legal liability. As an example, one of the more notable specialty law firms is Bed Bug Law, a national firm that specializes in litigating on behalf of plaintiffs (guests) who allege they were harmed by bed bugs during hotel stays.

These firms are experts in identifying and proving hotels’ negligence in preventing or eliminating bed bug infestations. If a guest experiences bed bug bites or brings bed bugs home, they may hold the hotel responsible and file a lawsuit seeking compensation for their damages. The result if proven successful: significant financial loss and reputational damage. As a hotelier, it is critical to be aware of the risks from bed bug infestations while taking proactive steps to mitigate them.

To prevent legal liability and protect your guests, it is crucial to both invest in bed bug prevention and take swift action to eliminate infestations when they occur. This includes implementing regular inspections; training staff to identify and report bed bug activity; and ensuring your pest control professional’s (PMP) contact information is up to date. It is of paramount importance that your licensed PMP be notified immediately upon a report of bed bug activity, and insist that inspection (and treatment, if necessary) be done as soon as possible (days rather than weeks). The best prevention programs, however, use ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners as the centerpiece of their efforts.

ActiveGuard liners are the only registered product with both the EPA and FDA labeled for the prevention of bed bug infestations in bedding for two years. As bed bugs can survive for months between feedings (bites), ActiveGuard ability to kill and prevent well exceeds the lifespan of a bed bug. These liners actively prevent infestations 24/7 while killing bed bugs at the two main sites where they seek harborage—mattresses and box springs. Using these liners in conjunction with a comprehensive monitoring process and robust reporting system creates a straightforward and effective protocol for your employees to follow. These three tools will provide you with a basic, yet effective bed bug prevention strategy.

The stakes are high. Hotels face significant legal liability if they fail to take the proper precautions to prevent bed bug infestations. Law firms specializing in bed bug litigation represent another headache for hoteliers to consider. To protect your hotel from legal liability and maintain your reputation, invest in bed bug prevention.

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