How to Give Guests Great Sleep

Let’s face it. At some point, we are all hotel guests. And whether we are traveling for business or pleasure, getting a great night’s sleep on the road can be a challenging proposition. For some people, being in a new environment – often nosier – can impede their ability to relax and unwind. But, sleep is critically important for general health and well-being. The better you sleep, the better you live, work and play. Many factors that impact sleep in a hotel are out of our direct control. However, here’s a few tips for creating a comfortable, memorable sleep environment for your guests.

Purchase a Quality Mattress

Not surprisingly, the bed your guests sleep on – it’s comfort and performance – is key in helping them achieve a sound, restful sleep. It’s important for hotels and resorts to work with companies that really understand hospitality requirements and develop products and solutions to meet them. Hospitality is uniquely different. At Serta Hospitality, our sleep technologies are engineered to be commercial-grade, so they provide the reliable performance and durability our customers demand. Strong warranties and responsive customer service are also important to minimize business disruptions.

Hospitality-Specific Testing

Due to the extensive use and wear hospitality products endure, strict adherence to brand guidelines and testing is critical when selecting a bedding manufacturer. At Serta, all mattress technology undergoes extensive, rigorous testing to ensure each component exceeds hospitality standards.

Investing in Quality Top of Bed Amenities

Of all the items guests come into contact with during their hotel stay, bedding likely represents the largest percentage. It’s the pillows, comforters, duvets, sheets, blankets and bed skirts that take center stage from the moment a guest walks through the door. So, how they look, feel — and smell — is important. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Promoting Peace & Quiet

While not all sources of guestroom noise are within your control, many are. Leaky faucets, buzzing light fixtures and loud HVAC equipment should be addressed immediately before guests have the opportunity to complain. Your housekeeping staff can be your first line of defense here. Add potential sources of noise to the room checklist so maintenance can be informed and take action to resolve any identified issues.

As purveyors of sleep, hotels worldwide continue to make the guest sleep experience a priority and are investing significantly toward this goal. They understand the power of this key differentiator and its impact on guest satisfaction and loyalty. Reviews are hard to ignore.

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