How often should hotels replace pillows?

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Pillows cradle your guests’ heads at night as they slip away into sleep. They’re also exposed to a lot—dust mites, hair, skin oils, sweat and accidental spills as your guests enjoy breakfast in bed. Replacing pillows is key to keeping hotel rooms comfortable, clean and hygienic. But, how often should hotels replace pillows?

Four Signs You Need to Replace Your Hotel’s Pillows

Since you’re not the one using the pillow each day, it can be hard to predict when it’s time for a hotel pillow to retire. Fortunately, there are a few signs that will signal to your front desk employees, housekeepers and other hotel staff that it’s time to bring in some new pillows:

  1. When folded in half, the pillow stays in that position (applies to feather pillows)
  2. Permanent sweat or oil stains on the pillow
  3. Noticeable lumps in the pillow
  4. Noticeable odor

Why It’s Important to Replace Hotel Pillows

Replacing hotel pillows regularly not only keeps hotel rooms more hygienic, but it also helps your guests sleep more comfortably. A survey from the National Sleep Foundation revealed that 91% of people feel that comfortable pillows are important for getting a good night’s sleep. The only thing that ranked higher than pillows were mattresses. Since hotels want guests to feel comfortable and enjoy a restful night of sleep, replacing pillows should be a priority.

By replacing pillows regularly—and before they’re totally worn out—you can help your guests avoid headaches, neck aches and shoulder aches caused by old pillows. Plus, you’ll limit complaints from guests who may experience allergic reactions to dust mites or who feel unsatisfied with lumpy, uncomfortable pillows.

How to Protect Hotel Pillows 

Get more life out of your hotel pillows with simple yet effective protective measures.

Launder Pillows & Pillow Cases 

Pillowcases should be washed and changed for each guest stay. While many pillows are machine-washable, frequent washing can actually wear the pillow down faster. That’s why many hotels opt to launder pillows on an as-needed basis based on staff feedback.

Use Pillow Protectors

Pillow protectors envelop your pillow to keep out sweat stains, skin cells, hair and spills. Many are waterproof yet breathable to keep guests cool yet comfy as they sleep. Some, like our Pillow Protectors by Healthy Sleep Advantage, have a patented Bug Guard Zipper Enclosure System to keep out allergens, bed bugs and viruses.

Venus Can Help Protect Hotel Pillows 

Whether you’re looking for high-quality pillowcases or pillow protectors, Venus can help. Our textile experts can assist you in picking the right protective product offerings for your hotel. Simply give us a call at 800.421.6599 or email us at [email protected].