Hotels Need to Handle Multiple Music Needs

INTERNATIONAL REPORT—Hotels often have a variety of audio and music needs and they need a way to handle all of them.

“Hotels typically have multiple, discrete areas—restaurants, lobbies—that require a signature ambiance or mood,” said Paul Youngblood, product manager, Tascam. “For example, a restaurant with light music playing softly in the dining area, while the bar area has upbeat music at a higher volume…while the reception/check-in area has a different ambiance. Even though the music playback needs to be discrete for each environment, there is still the need for talkover/announcement functionality, whether individually by area or room, or in multiple rooms simultaneously.”

The company has introduced a multi-zone audio mixer, the Tascam MZ-123BT, to do just that. “It’s easy for a non-technical person to operate,” he said. “Basic front panel controls allow routing of music and playback material to different areas. And a front panel mic input facilitates making announcements seamlessly to any or all areas. Just about any staff member with basic level audio equipment experience can use the MZ-123BT.”

The unit is a compact multi-channel, multi-zone professional installation mixer that provides versatile routing, mixing and distribution of up to three channels of music and announcements for hotels or any environment that requires independent audio routing and announcement capabilities.

The mixer also incorporates extended range Bluetooth streaming and connectivity. “This means music or other audio program material can be streamed directly from a mobile device or tablet to the MZ-123BT and routed to various areas of the hotel or restaurant,” said Youngblood. “All without having to connect wires or cables from a CD player into the front or back of the unit. And, while the MZ-123BT can be professionally installed, anyone with basic electronics setup experience can install it. It’s a single rack space unit, so it fits easily into most electronics areas or racks.”