Hotel Solutions Partnership Creates Industry Crisis Guide

LONDON—Hotel Solutions Partnership, a global hotel advisory group, has released a free, downloadable Coronavirus Crisis Guide on the Hotel Solutions Partnership website. Built under its hoteldoctor program, the guide was designed to help guide hoteliers as they navigate the direct impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

The guide, written by the company’s veteran hotel advisors, each with specialized disciplines, consists of five areas of focus: finance, revenue management, sales, marketing and operations. The mission is to set up the industry to evolve through the recovery process and best manage to success amidst the pandemic’s lasting imprint.

In order to provide a deeper level of support to the hotel industry, Hotel Solutions Partnership is also donating up to 500 hours of complimentary consulting sessions to hoteliers in need of professional advice related to the pandemic. The complimentary, online one-hour sessions are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Interested parties must register online at

“Our seasoned consultants have been serving the international hotel community for over 16 years, and in that time, we have helped businesses survive and rebuild after economic, political, health and climate-related crises,” said Katrina Craig, CEO, Hotel Solutions Partnership. “The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the travel industry in ways never seen before; and hotel owners and operators around the world are having to make difficult decisions quickly in order to respond appropriately. We understand intimately how deep-rooted this crisis is, and it was very important for me to do our part by giving back during these untested times.”

Donald Bowman, hoteldoctor’s program executive, stated, “The entire industry has been affected, sparing no one. Our Hotel Solutions Partnership team knew we had to assist immediately. A panel of our of brightest industry experts worked in collaboration to create our first hoteldoctor’s Coronavirus Crisis Guide. In addition to the guide, our global advisors jumped at the opportunity to provide support and assistance to those desperate and in need of guidance. We sit in a unique position due to our global footprint; therefore, those we serve can take advantage of our international insights as some parts of the world are starting to recover while others are attempting to analyze and stabilize.”