Hotel Owners Launch 10,000 Letter Campaign to Save America’s Hotels

ATLANTA—America’s hoteliers forcefully answered a call to action by AAHOA, sending more than 10,000 letters to Congress and the Trump administration as part of the “10,000 Letters, One Purpose” campaign. Hotel owners and members of the hospitality industry were called on to write to their lawmakers and the White House to implore the two branches to pass a stimulus package that would help ease the unprecedented liquidity crisis gripping the hotel industry. With the initial goal achieved within hours of the campaign’s launch, AAHOA is urging more members to make their voices heard in the hopes of doubling the amount of engagement.

“Over half of America’s hotels are at risk of foreclosure because of the pandemic,” said AAHOA president/CEO Cecil Staton. “America’s hoteliers and small businesses need a lifeline. I am proud of how America’s hotel owners responded to the ‘10,000 Letters, One Purpose’ campaign. So many of their livelihoods are at risk. Hoteliers are being pushed to the brink while Washington politicians play games with vital funding. Every day that passes, hard working hospitality workers lose their jobs, and hotel owners lose their businesses. It’s time for our leaders to step up for the small businesses and their employees that are being crushed by the pandemic and deliver a meaningful stimulus package.”

In addition to personally sending letters to their elected officials, AAHOA members are actively recruiting other hotel owners and industry partners to participate in the campaign. Hoteliers are asking elected officials to prioritize five specific areas in the stimulus package: authorize a second round of Paycheck Protection Program funding for the hardest hit small businesses; provide more resources for the Economic Injury Disaster Program; extend temporary relief from troubled debt restructurings through Jan. 1, 2023 to ease pressure on borrowers; resolve the commercial mortgage-backed security loan crisis; and allow hoteliers to access the Main Street Lending Program.

Hoteliers and hospitality industry members can add their voice to the campaign by visiting