Hilton Pensacola Beach undergoes $11M in renovations

Hilton Pensacola Beach, a beachfront property operated by Innisfree Hotels, has completely refreshed its common areas with $11 million in renovations to the lobby, front desk, restaurants, bars and more.

Among the upgrades:

Front desk: A 6×20-ft. backlit LED screen immerses guests in a vibrant display of color and motion

Lobby: Brand-new floors and a wood-slat design feature add warmth and sophistication. Thoughtfully curated furniture invites guests to relax and socialize in style. New 55-in. display monitors add to the digital sophistication.

Sal De Mar and Pool Deck: The hotel’s beach bar and pool deck have undergone a transformation, now showcasing pavers that enhance the overall allure of these welcoming outdoor areas.

Salt and Lobby Bar: An enhanced sound system ensures that every moment is accompanied by the right soundtrack, at just the right volume, creating an immersive culinary experience.

Breakfast Buffet: Technological enhancements allow guests to enjoy freshly prepared breakfast options at ideal temperatures.

“With all of these extraordinary improvements and upgrades, we’ve truly raised the bar at Hilton Pensacola Beach when it comes to providing guests with an exceptional and unforgettable experience,” said Ted Ent, president/CEO, Innisfree Hotels.

Terry Branch, general manager, added, “From the captivating backlit LED screen at the front desk to our food-and-beverage upgrades to our stunning lobby and pool deck, every aspect has been considered with simple elegance and modern comfort in mind.”

Photos: Hilton Pensacola Beach