Hilton Launches Urban Lifestyle Brand

MCLEAN, VA—Hilton has launched Motto by Hilton, its newest affordable lifestyle brand with locations in major cities around the globe.
The Making of Motto
Motto by Hilton takes a fresh approach to modern travel culture. It’s a micro-hotel with an urban vibe in prime global locations.
According to Phil Cordell, global head of new brand development for Hilton, during initial conversations, they evaluated just how much to affiliate it with the Hilton name.

“As we went into developing the brand, we didn’t hold anything to the level of ‘this always has to be there.’ We tried to challenge ourselves to think differently about everything,” Cordell said. “We wanted the experience of an unbranded hotel in an environment that happens to be branded. It’s more about the importance of service—not necessarily Hilton-specific, but with the spirit of hospitality.”

Hilton evaluated the emerging lifestyle hostel model globally to understand the opportunity to enhance the shared room concept. But, research showed that travelers who stay in hostels, in fact, don’t like rooming with strangers and often book just with their friends or family.

“It’s not about a generation. We know there are others in this space who seem to sometimes focus more on a specific demographic in how they approach and deliver the guest experience. We think it’s broader than that,” Cordell said. “It’s about a customer who’s confident and connected. They have the spirit to explore—business or leisure—willing to accept trade-offs, but they want to stay connected to the consistency of a bigger brand.”

As it evaluated the existing market, Hilton understood that these travelers wanted an affordable urban lifestyle brand—one that combined comfort and accessibility with travel and lifestyle trends centered around:
  • Prime locations: It’s about giving travelers access to the heart of cities in popular neighborhoods.
  • Authenticity: What does it mean to be “here”? Locality breeds identity, community and, ultimately, a sense of place.
  • Affordability: Competitive rates open doors to cities and locations that travelers may not have otherwise been able to afford.
  • Flexibility: One size doesn’t fit all—choice is paramount with multipurpose spaces.
Motto by Hilton
Motto by Hilton

The Motto Way

Motto by Hilton hotels around the world will be flexible through spaces that have been cleverly designed, technology that makes traveling seamless and a sleep experience that makes recharging easy:

  • Guestrooms: With an average footprint of 163 sq. ft., the efficient rooms will include space-saving features such as wall beds, lofted beds, segmented shower and toilet stalls and multifunctional furniture that can be discreetly stowed when not in use.
  • Linking rooms: Motto by Hilton will have the option for guests to book multiple connecting rooms in advance (up to six or seven rooms).
  • Split payments: Motto by Hilton hotels will allow guests to split payments between more than one person at the time of booking.
  • Connected room: All Motto by Hilton rooms will have Connected Room technology—which will allow guests to control features in their room (temperature, lighting, TV, window coverings, etc.) from their Hilton Honors mobile app.

As for public spaces, Cordell describes Motto by Hilton’s food and beverage offerings as “more of a program rather than a concept,” with fare tailored to the specific market, modified sit-down service and areas to work or relax. He added, “It’s Starbucks meets the Cheers bar.”

Cordell said that there will also be a wellness room—approximately 300 sq. ft.—with cardio equipment and floor space. “That’s an expectation today,” he said.

Motto by Hilton
Motto by Hilton

Motto on the Move

This global brand will be made up of a carefully curated portfolio of hotels in urban destinations throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, expected to first open within 18-24 months, according to Cordell.

Currently, Motto by Hilton hotels are in various stages of development in urban locations such as Lima, Peru; London; Dublin; Savannah, GA; San Diego; Boston and Washington, DC, among others.