HGU New York Looks to its Neighbors for Wellness Offerings

NEW YORK—HGU New York is solidifying its name as Manhattan’s wellness hub with programs and amenities from nearby businesses. With services ranging from rooftop yoga to in-room IV treatments to sleep aids, HGU is truly a place where guests can relax and revitalize.

“We have always gone outside our doors to curate destinations for wellness,” said ML Perlman, executive director of lifestyle and wellness at HGU New York.

These local partnerships keep the programs uniquely New York, catering to on-the-go guests who expect best in class services. But along with New York’s nonstop nature, comes the need to recharge.

“New York, like any world-class major metropolitan city, welcomes residents and guests that are high-performing in high-demand of personal and professional pursuits,” Perlman said. “Concurrently, modern communication technology has gained practically universal penetration in our everyday lives, making opportunities to unplug and unwind fewer and further between. Naturally, we have seen a boom in the market of wellness therapies—including meditation—that make space for that hard-to-find regular personal reprieve.”

HGU rooftop
HGU rooftop

HGU offers meditation sessions that can be group or one-on-one, partnering with Center of the Cyclone meditation system, along with offering reiki, distant reiki and energy readings.

In addition to meditation services, HGU also provides IV therapy for guests thanks for Reviv, a local provider of IV nutrient therapies and booster shots.

“Their proprietary IV infusion therapies target a variety of wellness needs by replenishing hydration, aiding recovery from illness or jet lag and restoring nutrient levels,” Perlman said. HGU New York can arrange in-room IV sessions upon request.

HGU also offers the colder than ice water cryotherapy to stimulate injury recovery, circulation and metabolic functioning, along with other services that promote healthy sleep from pillow menus to mouthguard fittings.

“HGU’s mattress, pillow and bedding combination is fantastic. We tested countless combinations before settling,” Perlman said. “Our pillow menu is presented to each guest upon check-in and can choose a pillow that is right for them: super-soft, extra support, memory foam, maternity, buckwheat and more.”

Truly nothing is off limits and HGU has no problem bringing wellness amenities right to guests at their convenience. GuardLab performs custom mouthguard fittings via its in-room 3D scanning. According to Perlman, the concierge will arrange a scan appointment with a GuardLab dental hygienist; then, the mouthguard is delivered within 24 hours.

One of the things our guests enjoy most about our wellness amenities and partners is that the community is always growing,” Perlman said. “As with all wellness practices, each guest chooses their own individual path to wellness. Not every therapy works for every person.”

Rooftop yoga
Rooftop yoga

This past summer, HGU offered rooftop yoga sessions in collaboration with Solace studio and Flow alkaline water, giving both guests and locals the opportunity to relax outdoors while enjoying HGU’s rooftop lounge and city skyline.

“Flow water is probably the most appreciated by guests, not only because of the taste and health benefits, but also because it highlights our commitment to environmental responsibility and conscientious approach to our choices,” Perlman said. “Guests appreciate our passion.”

According to Perlman, this month, HGU New York will launch its newest collaboration with Modrn Sanctuary to offer both traditional and holistic health treatments and specialty services to hotel guests. The new wellness offerings include Somadome Meditation Pod, Sensory Seven Crystal & Energy Healing, a Himalayan Salt Room and ‘Salty Suite’ hotel accommodations with in-room Himalayan salt amenities.