W Hotels Adds Fuel to Fitness Offerings

BETHESDA, MD—Detox. Retox. Repeat. That’s the mantra of fitness-minded hospitality brand W Hotels Worldwide’s newest guest programming—Fuel Weekends by W Hotels. Are you ready to get fit? Celebrity fitness instructors like Tara Stiles, Jason Wimberly, Joe Holder and Ashley Guarrasi are on board to help guests get into shape while having fun.

“Like everything we do, our take on fitness and wellness reinvents the traditional ‘fitness retreat’ experience. Fuel, the brand’s innovative approach to all things fitness and wellness, is all about being social, having fun and feeling good. Our Fuel program goes far beyond a good workout, offering our guests at more than 50 hotels around the world the opportunity to detox, retox and repeat. Indulging is an essential part of a well-rounded lifestyle, and W provides plenty of ways to get your fix and a high-energy workout,” said Anthony Ingham, global brand leader, W Hotels Worldwide.

The brand also offers ways to stay fit on the go with its signature Fit gyms and locally inspired cuisine, but it doesn’t stop there. Many W hotels offer access to one-on-one workout sessions, private classes with notable fitness gurus or access to local boutique studios. After a productive workout, travelers can utilize the hotel’s spa services and in-room amenities to relax and recover.

However, it’s not all work and no play, noted Ingham. “We also work local flavors and hot trends into world-class cocktail menus because we know that working up a sweat doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself (at least not all the time),” he said.

W Hotels has been in the fitness arena for years, bringing the work hard, play hard mentality to fit-focused guests around the world. Fuel Weekends are aimed at expanding the experience for the brand’s global guests.

“For 2018, we wanted to take Fuel to the next level and bring in talented fitness masters who can provide a diverse menu of pick-and-choose sessions to our guests. Just like everything else we do, Fuel Weekends turn the traditional fitness experience on its head. It’s not just sweating and drinking green juices—though it can be if you want to,” he said.

W Hotels will kick off the 2018 Fuel lineup at W Punta de Mita, May 25-28, for a three-day, three-night nonstop schedule. Classes at the inaugural weekend will include strength training with Jason Wimberly, founder of The Wall; boxing cardio with rumble guru Ashley Guarrasi; getting runway ready with trainer Joe Holder; and striking some yoga poses with yoga rebel Tara Stiles of Strala Yoga fame.

“The weekends are designed to be high-energy, filled with the who’s who of fitness for face time with some of the best in the business. Guests will have a choice of balanced workouts in multiple disciplines including yoga, boxing, surfing and HIIT sessions alongside world-class DJs, cocktails, decadent locally inspired dishes, and a choice of add-on nearby experiences that will have guests reveling in style. Guests will leave feeling refreshed and energized to take on their nonstop lifestyle,” he said.

According to Ingham, W is always looking for what’s new and next. “Our guests want to do things differently; they’re not just looking for ‘OM,’ they’re also looking for ‘OMG.’ That’s where W comes in,” he said. “This is not your typical wellness retreat because for W, life is never ordinary—it’s about pushing boundaries and getting the most out of life.”