HB Exclusive: Staypineapple rolls out contactless check-in from Canary Technologies

Staypineapple is implementing Canary Technology’s contactless check-in and digital authorizations solutions across all of its properties.

Staypineapple, a Pacific Northwest-based brand of upscale boutique hotels in U.S. cities including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Portland and San Diego, had previously offered check-in technology as a result of the pandemic. “We originally added this solution during the pandemic while guests were looking for confidence in traveling and working safely,” said David Thomson, CIO, Staypineapple. “We also saw an advantage to limiting the financial business of the check-in process so we could focus on the guest experience.”

Canary’s contactless check-in helps streamline and improve the guest experience and its digital authorizations product provides hoteliers with a secure PCI Level-1 compliant credit card authorization solution, according to the company.

The new solution is enabling Staypineapple to continue to elevate its operations, simplify the check-in process, reduce overall expenses and provide a convenient way for guests to add amenities digitally throughout the guest journey. “This allows us further time to focus on the guest’s needs,” said Thomson. “Our front desk is the department that benefits most from these solutions. They are able to spend that extra time personalizing local recommendations for our guests and engaging as a host, or what we call at Staypineapple, our ‘Everything People,’ rather than as a transactional clerk during hotel check-in.”

“Staypineapple selected Canary to meet changing guest needs,” said Blake VanLandingham, head of engineering, Canary. “A critical need was integration with OPERA, the company’s property management system—which Canary integrates with seamlessly. We’re looking forward to working with Staypineapple to roll our solutions out across all of its properties.”

Canary’s digital authorizations solution allows hotel guests to securely submit their identification and credit card information. With this product in hand, Staypineapple properties will be able to send each guest a unique link so they can enter their credit card information through a PCI-compliant and secure online interface. Each hotel will also have access to the company’s dashboard to keep track of each guest’s digital authorization online.